Star Wars Starts Again

 by Gage Skidmore at WIkipedia.
by Gage Skidmore at Wikipedia.

A next generation Star Wars prepares to come to life. J.J. Abrams has all the elements in place to start either a new generation of Star Wars lore or more critical analysis of this generation’s take on just what Star Wars means to them.

This is what the next Star Wars will stand against. It is a new interpretation of experiences in film and Star Wars experiences to create a new Star Wars legacy.

The question is can people simply reduce expectations and experiences in order to slip into a simpler skin? When George Lucas first made Star Wars, it was not a hit. It was an experiment. It was a new exploration of space. It was a fresh story. It lets millions imagine, invest, in so much merchandise, and see “…a galaxy far, far away”.

Get the popcorn; get candy and the speakers calibrated. A movie will come out, in the next year, that will be in space, will have light sabers, ray guns, droids and many aliens. The movie will not be George Lucas’s take as much as a different perspective that should be interesting.

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