Wii U World?

by Nebulous81 at Wikipedia.
by Nebulous81 at Wikipedia .

I own a Wii U. I am actually proud of it. I play Tekken Tag Team, at times. It is an older game, but it’s crisp, efficient, has competition online and true character customization. Wii U, as a whole, I wish to have more games that use the components in the Nintendo Wii U.

In short, there is no existence of a Wii U World but the console has the ability, within itself, it seems to create, extend and add-on to video game worlds.

Let me explain. Zombi U is a fun game. It’s got action, scares, plenty of action and depth. In all, it’s an early show piece for the Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U console has many characteristics that could add to the game. The Nintendo Wii U can go online.

The question is why can’t players, after their Zombi invasion, and experience, go online to compete, or cooperate, in missions to take down parts of the game, in the continuing invasion, or compete in simple human versus human, or Zombi versus human, etc., games?

The Miiverse, a communication system on Wii U, could be a place for Zombi U players to communicate, and come up with strategies, and take down Zombis online or simply exchange customized weapons and experiences.

Nintendoland, one of the first titles for the Wii U, has communication online but no online multi-player. The game could have killed with this idea and the ability to load new games. Players could vote for new games, and decide whether they stay in Nintendoland. Players could have the ability to load art influenced by the game and customize Nintendoland.

They have a game Art Academy, where players can create art on their Wii U. If players could take this art and post it in different spaces in their Nintendoland parks, or other Wii U games, for a small price even, it would go a long way in making the Wii U into the world you want.

The existence of a game like Disney Infinity is a start. The hope is a Mario title comes to the Wii U with four player online multi-player and Mii Verse communication.

The hope is the Wii U gets a chance to highlight a new, custom, third party title, another company’s game besides Nintendo’s, that uses the Wii U’s capabilities and Nintendo can quit playing around. As for us, we can go to Mii Verse and tell Nintendo what we want.

All we can do is hope.You could also check out an article at Kotaku, The 12 Best Games for the Wii U , and imagine if the Wii U uses all its ability, what will it bring and will it make your Wii U World?

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