He’s Us Tu


  • A Living Secret To Share With You
  • Who owns what
  • Determineswho owns who
  • Iremember those days
  • When Ihad things my way
  • Hanging with the jet set
  • So much joy, my eyes stayed wet
  • Life for me, was like
  • Living on Disney property
  • All set for fortune and fame
  • Negotiating deals, golden handshakes
  • Placing Intel processors in Arcades
  • Igniting the market of video games
  • As things became clearer, they began to fade
  • With each knock, knowing there was more
  • Beyond every door, opportunity to expand
  • With growing demand, for more and more
  • Sailing around Silicon Valley
  • Like Ali, floating like a butterfly
  • Stinging like a bee, counting so fast
  • You couldn’t keep up with the money
  • A part of me in every casino
  • From Vegas to Reno
  • Then it all came crashing down
  • The crowd that cheered, disappeared
  • Only a few Family and friends stood their ground
  • The young…

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