Ambler Donuts Is Good(and is Gone)

One of the donuts of the Sprinkle Alley, at Ambler Donuts, in Ambler, Pennsylvania.
One of the donuts of the Sprinkle Alley, at Ambler Donuts, in Ambler Pennsylvania.

There are times you can go to a doughnut shop, as part of a chain, to meet your snacking needs. As local doughnut shops go, there are many options and a variety places to visit for fresh and tasty donuts.

Only one place exist that applies creativity to their donuts, has consistent freshness in their donuts and great customer service.

Ambler Donuts is one of those places that you have to visit and taste what they have to offer.

I do not know why I went to Ambler Donuts, on a Sunday. There is actually a Subway restaurant right next door to Ambler Donuts.

In reality, my sweet tooth was driving my true food need that day. I went into Ambler Donuts. It is a smaller place that is comfortable. The staff even greets you as you walk in the door but neither of those things can prepare you for the quality of Ambler Donuts.

It is the best of what you can get locally in donuts, period, in my opinion. While Ambler Donuts is not a part of a chain, it seems like a popular doughnut shop, as shown in the links found at the end of this article. They use creativity, and transform that creativity into reality, by making unique and flavorful donuts.

I did not know this during my first visit to this shop. Small chalkboards with the names of various donuts, in an array of flavors,are spread neatly in trays, along the wall of the shop. A small counter stands ready with muffins, if donuts are not your taste. Coffee is ready for those customers just in need of a coffee fix.

There are other bakeries, and businesses, locally, that carry donuts with similar flavors to Ambler Donuts. Clearly in order to understand the difference between Ambler Donuts and other places, it comes down to tasting what they have to offer.

They have a Chocolate Iced Doughnut. It is a plain yeast doughnut, if you could call it that, with a chocolate icing on it. The doughnut is fresh and slightly chewy. It is wholesome and filling. The chocolate icing on the doughnut is like a fresh milk chocolate cream. It makes the doughnut complete.

The Chocolate Iced Doughnut can prepare you for the other creative flavors available at Ambler Donuts. They have flavors like the French toast, Lemon Meringue, Red Velvet, French Apple, Blueberry Pancake or the Sea Salt Chocolate Donuts, just to name a few. I would like to try these flavors, but often, I just try the basic donuts before launching into other flavors at a new place.

I would purchase one other doughnut Sunday. Ambler Donuts carries a Cream Doughnut, which is epic. The doughnut is fresh and light, as everything has been at Ambler Donuts, and the outside of the doughnut has a light coating of powdered sugar. When you bite into the doughnut, initially, it is airy but also hearty. It is very easy on your tongue and your taste buds.

In the very center of the doughnut, is a rich dollop of light, sweet vanilla cream that takes the doughnut not only to another level, but fills your mouth with a sweet surprise and warms your heart. I do have something else to confess about Ambler Donuts.

I have been there previously for one other doughnut. It is a cardinal sin if a business has this doughnut and does not prepare it properly.

It is this doughnut, in my opinion, that makes Ambler Donuts the ultimate place, for a morning stop or a great snack. Ambler Donuts carries a doughnut, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut that is a combination of fresh peanut butter icing, that is not too sweet and has the perfect amount of peanut flavor, on top of the doughnut, and just the right amount of grape filling, inside the doughnut, to send any peanut butter and jelly fan into ecstasy.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnut does not taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but it does taste like a peanut butter and grape dessert you could find at a very nice restaurant.

Ambler Donuts is not a surprise or a secret in Ambler, Pennsylvania, as shown in the links below, but it is a place where I would suggest you try the doughnuts, sip the coffee, taste the doughnut holes, which are small chocolate and plain yeast doughnut bites, taste the muffins to come to your own conclusions on Ambler Donuts.

I found Ambler Donuts as one of the places; they talk about in Pennsylvania, and outside of Philadelphia, that has so much to offer.

Ambler Donuts Update (9/12/2013)

I am not sure what made me stop at Ambler Donuts today. It could be the feeling of September’s cool breeze sweeping in, the idea of Fall flavors at Ambler Donuts or the need for the fresh taste and the wondrous variety, I was hungry for them.

There were two previous flavors I did not have at Ambler Donuts yet, the Chocolate Creme Doughnut and the French Toast Doughnut. The Chocolate Creme Doughnut does not differ in its perfect freshness, the specific dollop of creme, in the center, or its diamond shape, in comparison to the Vanilla Creme Doughnut.

Chocolate Creme, with its dusting of powdered sugar, holds a sweet, light, but subtly rich milk chocolate taste directly in the center of the doughnut.

The French Toast Doughnut makes a point of being good anytime. I mean eat it in the morning, afternoon or night. Inside of its perfectly round shape and delicious syrup and butter glaze, the French Toast Doughnut has its own buttery, sweet, cinnamon creme, inside, that puts you in that breakfast in bed moment, in the first bite.

Just to see how close this doughnut is to a French toast breakfast, I would warm the doughnut just slightly. The flavors, in combination, will start your morning right. A buttery taste, the creme given just a little heat and the slight melt of the syrup, butter and smidgen of powdered sugar on top, says Good Morning to you.

Once September really settles in, doughnut flavors like Apple Cider and Pumpkin will warm peoples’ hearts and expectations this Fall and Winter.

Ambler Donuts, at 30 S Bethlehem Pike in Ambler, PA 19002, is currently open seven days a week from 6 am to 2 pm. For more comments on offerings from Ambler Donuts, you can visit, at, or Four, at, for other reviews and comments.

You can also speak directly to Ambler Donuts. Visit their Facebook page at

Ambler Donuts (Update 3/30/2015)

It is sort of like an absence you will not long for until you just start to need it. They had real peanut butter, and jelly donuts. Peanut Butter Cup. Fresh vanilla, and chocolate glazed goodness, daily. The strawberry donuts were unyielding. Yet, on March 13, 2015, Ambler Donuts closed its doors.

Personally, I thought they would be there seasonally, and daily, for years to come. It is gone. There are only the other options. It will be missed. The chocolate cream was insane. Sprinkle Alley.

Ambler Donuts (Update 4/20/2015) 

Psst. Fresh taste and great flavor continue. Check out the Upper Dublin Bagel Squad, at Ambler Donuts never forgotten.

Smells good inside Ambler Donuts

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