In The Night Kitchen Bakery of Chestnut Hill?

The Jumble at The Night Kitchen Bakery by W1totalk
The Jumble at The Night Kitchen Bakery by W1totalk

During my visit to The Night Kitchen Bakery, they presented the best of any sweet dessert or dish in its most natural form. I visited the business with one intention, to get a small lunch and soothe a desired need for the bakery’s cookies. The business, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 7725 Germantown Avenue, presented natural meals and desserts done well.

I have not tried the brownies, sticky buns, wedding or regular cakes. They enticed me with their rich chocolate, sticky, sweet, honey, and regal looks. I tried the cookies.

The cookies, I noticed, carried their own theme. The Jumble, a combination of chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, nuts and, I believe, oatmeal, will have your needs met. The Poppy seed cookies are saccharine, crunchy, and delectable.

During my visit, I tried a Strata and different cookies, specifically, one set of cookies called Sandy Feet. Strata, a combination of bacon, cheddar, and eggs served with fruit or mixed green salad called me home. It turned out Strata was a slice of fine quiche but with more layers. The eggs, bacon, and cheese morphed into a light and savory pie.

The fruit, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes, tasted fresh picked.

The Night Kitchen Bakery presented a robust taste. With a cordial staff and a quaint and clean business, Night Kitchen Bakery’s standards are high.

Sandy feet, when I think about it, reminded me of something in a prayer related email. These Sandy Feet are not holy feet, as mentioned in the email. They are cookies cut into small feet. They were thick but had a light crumbled texture.

Their sweet taste, covered with either cinnamon sugar or a combination of light spice and a sugar sweet blend, raised the cookies to another level. If you smell the underside of these cookies, they stink, of Parmesan cheese.

I also tasted the cookies called Jumbles. I considered them small mountains of flavor, which are moist, nutty, sweetly centered, and wholesome. I finally tried The Poppy Seed cookies, which are sweet, smooth, simple, but classic.

Night Kitchen Bakery presented, in my eyes, a wonderful business idea with good taste.

Night Kitchen Bakery, in existence for 25 years, served great cookies and fine food. The Night Kitchen Bakery, a staple of Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, took the necessary steps to make their business more environmentally conscience. Amy Beth Edelman and John Millard own the bakery.

Find more information on The Night Kitchen Bakery at

You can also find more information on their available cakes, custom cakes, tarts, café items and their Thanksgiving barrage of dessert pies and treats, everything from Cranberry Almond Cake, Blueberry Almond Tarts or Double Crust Apple, Apple Crumble or Pumpkin Pie.

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