Tastykake Dreamies Sweeten The Day

Tastykake by Impulsivebuy
Tastykake by Impulsivebuy

A baker, James Dewar, for the Continental Baking Company would create the Twinkie in 1930. Hostess, part of the Continental Baking Company, would present the Twinkie in many stores around America and the snack cake would become a part of America’s history. Since then, the yellow sponge cake with crème filling has left the snack cake market, along with many other Hostess products. Hostess went bankrupt in November 2012. Tastykake, a popular baking company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1914, has come out with, what seems like, their own version of the Twinkie, the Tastykake Dreamies.

But first:

1) What product did you like that was taken off of the market and brought back to the market?

2) What did you think of the product when you first had it and what do you think of that renewed product now?

Please comment below.

The Hostess Twinkie was the first snack cake I ever had. I remember so much from that first experience. The yellow cake was dense and chewy but also soft and spongy. The crème was heavy, rich and good. I thought it was vanilla crème. I ate the two cakes in the package so quickly I just did not care. I did wonder if they would ever make the same kind of Twinkie with a banana cream in its center.

I had to turn away from Twinkies quickly. I found them again, at a much later age, though I felt the Twinkies at that time had a very different taste. The original chewy but soft sponge cake was now very light and thin. It was very much like angel food cake. The crème was lighter but had a very different taste then the Twinkies I had when I was younger. I gave up on the Twinkie at that very moment.

Tastykake made a snack cake with the same tubular shape as Hostess Twinkie and in a similar twin bound package as Hostess Twinkie. Only, these cakes have the name Dreamies. I sometimes hesitate when a new company takes on an old tradition. Then I remember Tastykake is not a new company. Tastykake has stood the test time with its variety of snack cake, pies and other goodies, nationwide.

I will hint at three very good products from the company which include their variety of krimpets, slender sponge cake with icing on top, and sometimes filling inside, pies, specifically their Black and White, Lemon and Pumpkin pies, and cupcakes. I had to see how they would spin what many will compare to the original Hostess Twinkie.

In tasting Tastykake Dreamies, I am looking at three basic things: the taste of the cake, the taste of the cream and the taste overall.

The cake for the Tastykake Dreamies is similar to the older Twinkie. It is like dense yellow pound cake, possibly thicker, with I would almost say is a hint of pineapple in the batter, though I think that is just my imagination. The cake is sweet but not as sweet as the Hostess Twinkie. it is not chewy. It is spongy without a doubt.

The crème inside the cake is slight. It is still very good, strong and luscious. The crème is not to heavy but is just right. I would guess there is vanilla cream in the center each Dreamie and a very worthwhile cream at that.

Overall, in my opinion, this is Tastykake’s rendition of the no longer available Hostess Twinkie. For people who adore the Twinkie, it will be a substitute, and maybe a new friend. For everyone else, I wonder if this cake, if put together with either cool or warm pineapples, and sauce or strawberries, and sauce or blueberries, and sauce, caramel or chocolate would make a fine dessert. Tastykake has made a very fine product.

This is a very strong standalone product. Tastykake has a tendency, in my opinion, to bring products to market that are strong and that is what Tastykake Dreamies brings to the snack cake market. Tastykake presents another fine product will make snack cake consumers fall in love.

Tastykake Dreamies by W1totalk
Tastykake Dreamies by W1totalk

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