Hostess Chocodile Twinkies During Lent?

by W1totalk  All products belong to Hostess, LLC.

It is Lent. I gave up candy. What did not change was the sweet tooth. I did not want to give up all sugar. It’s not a pretty sight. Instead, I have focused my attention on other products. Specifically, Hostess Chocodile Twinkies. I have never eaten a Chocodile. I have eaten Twinkies, in the past. The idea was to embrace the combination in order to explain to you just what these are.

You start with one dense, sponge cake, full of flavor, and wrapped it with a chocolate jacket. You also inject it with plenty of potent cream, not so it explodes, but just so you know it is apparent. I compare it to a snack cake, Funny Bones. Take the chocolate from inside of the cake and make it work outside of it. Get rid of the peanut butter. Allow the cake to be more fluffy, and light.

It is good. I remember when Tastykake had trouble. The greatest thing to watch was how it had come back and become a heck of a snack food competitor. Now, it is Hostess’ turn.

The reality the Chocodile Twinkie is part of an arsenal of great, snack cakes from Hostess. You go to Walmart and see Chocolate, Strawberry, and even Blue Raspberry Twinkies for customers. It is the positive start of something. It’s sort of negative for me though. It is cake coated in chocolate. However, it’s not candy, exactly.  I don’t know. It is a very strong snack cake, and a good start for Hostess continued promotion. Check them out.

by W1totalk All products belong to Hostess, LLC.
by W1totalk
All products belong to Hostess, LLC.