Your Response to the Past

by Carango
by Carango

I had to pick this image. It is not so personal, but it clearly represents a motive. Imagine your loyal, best, and favorite feral companion, or friend passed, in the last year. In some sense, your life moves forward. It is then you and, your associates, close to that companion, come across that special reminder of what once was, one day. You feel that energy, again.  It is that sense of personality. The friendly or familiar behavior returns just for a moment. Things, at that point, complicate.

Everyone reacts to this connection differently. Cat, dog, bird, or goldfish, people remember in their own way what once was. There is a split in emotional ties. Some people believe they want that feeling back in their favorite, new, pet. Others feel more distant with no want of experiencing the connection, and loss, again. You have other people that live in the moment, but maybe just want to embrace the moment in order to understand just what they are feeling. It is like a test. You almost wonder if, from beyond, your special pet gave you a moment to consider them, a new friend, to move forward with, or possibly to come to terms with a new direction with pets.

It is a strange, but an important thing to consider when the moment happens. You find a story like Nani the Pitbull’s, at  A former companion abandoned, wasted, and emaciated in a local park, but can recover, in a magnificent way, important. Baby Girl’s story, at, seems so extreme, but because the people got their in time, the dog has a chance to find decent people to take care of it.
You consider the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Pet Stores who have animals that go unsold, and other places that have animals, looking for homes, a place to create change.
You can adopt the animal, or purchase your pet, but maybe you do not have the money. What if you just visit? You just want to say hello.  If you get to pet, an animal, it might comfort what was, but also prepare the dog, cat, or other, for their true owners. You could walk, care for, and clean up after a friend in order to see them in the best circumstances.
This is because you remember your buddy from the past. It might be enough to let your consider the importance of a good pet. Use the influence as you wish, but do not ignore your reaction. Meet your response, with a good move toward what will make you feel better. Move to what will respect your older best friend. Respond, and do not ignore that need to react to what no longer exist. If you positively respond, when it happens, it will meet your expectations.