Kill for a Copy and Kill the Eternal Chill

KFAC working cover

I have always wanted something that prepared me for the fall. I am not talking about gloves, hats, or even jackets. When summer hits, it scorches and torches everyone it sees, on any given day. As if with the sweep of a powerful broom, September transitions into a variation of hot weather and the expectation of chillier temperatures. Let us say the heat leaves the building. The varied breezes stay and sometimes get deep into the bones. However, I am not talking about preparing for a colder fall.

Sometimes you want to take in warm, seasonal drinks, like Apple Cider. This will not take away the freeze, forever. You can attend cheerful and customary events. This is a temporary high, but a wintry coat can still make you shiver. There are times the fall is a sign to embrace a season’s other purpose and make use of the tools that feed off the season.

You still shiver. You ably rub your shoulders, and hands to generate warmth. People find comfort in the different, colorful socks, and search their homes for a bevy of blankets. You realize some fear, a primal component, takes over your senses in the colder weather, at times. This made me want to write. A set of characters move through the chill and embrace an experience that becomes dangerous. Do they survive? What will matter most is that both people spent the right time together under the most brutal final act. I wrote a story Time It Right to see if I could bring the right feel, in horror, to the proper season, in those balmy moments. The story produces warmth between two characters, though their situation becomes dire quickly.

This story was of interest to one Jack Rollins, and Dark Chapter Press, at The rest is history. A company, on only their third publication, gathers 17 stories, all with the purpose to chill, shake, and send your mind into disaster. This amalgamation, Kill for a Copy, just works. I chose my story for the fall, but fear, horror and mayhem is year round. Every story comes from a different experience. An introduction, from one Shaun Hutson, sets the table. Jack Rollins, Stuart Keane, Fiend Gottes, and all of us establish our tales and let you put your fear in the place it belongs, in the imagination. Check out Kill For A Copy, and find a place to put your dread. Boo!

Kill For A Copy is currently available through Barnes and Noble, at and Amazon at

Nintendo Wii U: Ten Games Before NX

by Thegreyanomaly
by Thegreyanomaly

Man, time is almost up. The Nintendo Wii U should get many game experiences. This is not just to have certain titles on the Wii U. It is more games I wish Wii U could get to take advantage of the Wii U Gamepad as a concept, in different ways. First party titles, like Mario Kart 8, use the game pad in a very specific way.
It is the only means of controlling a game. However, Wii U does not just have one way of playing games. Nintendo created the Wii U Pro Controller for a different way to play.


With the coming of Devil’s Third, for Wii U. wise words, at¬if_t=feed_comment_reply, indicate a pro controller, pro, method of playing this game from its creator, Mister Tomonobu Itagaki .


This brings up an interesting idea. While a warm pro controller is in your hand, what do you do with a helpless Wii U Gamepad? Have fun with it just before the release of the Nintendo NX.
Below are ten games I wish could come to Wii U, make use of the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller, and Gamepad, in the latter half of its existence to rejuvenate the platform, and reconfirm the basic concept that Nintendo always innovates.

10) Gauntlet– I wish this would come to Wii U. The game, from Steam and Warner Brothers, seems meant for Wii U for not only a solid, single player campaign, but an innovative multiplayer, on and offline. As players only use the pro controller method, Gauntlet could use the Wii U Gamepad, to implement special devices like a looking glass to get to certain places in the game faster, and in multiplayer, players can use the game pad to distract, or help other players on screen with content on the game pad.

9) Grand Theft Auto V– While using the Wii U pro controller only, this Rockstar title would be interesting. The Wii U Gamepad, as players go wild in the game, and push up their warning level, can be a device for the artificial intelligence. The game can use the game pad to distract players from causing chaos, or players can, while online, can communicate, call to, and distract opposing players with content sent to other players’ game pads.

8) Sonic the Hedgehog- Sega’s game could use a boost on the Nintendo Wii U. The blue hedgehog, and a pro controller, in a single player campaign can use the Wii U Gamepad as a map for short cuts, and special options only on Nintendo’s version of the game, at points in the title. An online multiplayer for Sonic can use these same special options to create a speedy, competitive foot racing game that calls out players in the Miiverse, uses certain special options online, and creates distractions on the game pad for players focused on their television.

7) Nintendo land 2– This game is very good, but I always wished Nintendo would add a multiplayer online element to the game, a pro controller option, and ability for Nintendo to update the game with newer games online. Using only the pro controller, Nintendo could make the Wii U Gamepad the opposing player in games, and distraction for players from the television screen. In multiplayer online, players online can use the Wii U Gamepad to distract other players from their game, and force other players to complete fun tasks on the game pad while focusing on their game as well.

6) Evolve– This would be a nice title to bring to the Wii U. The online multiplayer itself would suit the Wii U and Nintendo’s special additions would make the game unique. Using only the pro controller, the game pad could be a scare tactic, and distraction for players in the game. In online multiplayer, players could use the game pad to send distracting material to players as they hunt, and make them fearful of losing their edge.

5) Fatal Frame V– While this game will arrive on the Nintendo Wii U and use the game pad in great ways, a pro controller only Fatal Frame would provide a unique game perspective. Any horror game, specifically this one could use the game pad to distract players in the greatest ways. The game could use the game pad to send messages and horrible elements to the game pad’s screen. An online element could use Miiverse feedback, and Wii U players online, to send messages while in game, and scares at inopportune times in the game to the game pad, from the MiiVerse.

4) NBA 2K– The game currently on Wii U is nice. A meter, on the game pad, tracks players’ health that comes on screen if you use the game pad. A pro controller only game could set a different stage. Players can play a game and receive small mini games to distract them from their game. In online play, gamers can use the game pad to talk trash while in the Miiverse.

3) Street Fighter 5– Nintendo and Capcom go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. A Street Fighter title, with pro controller only option, can use the game pad, to establish a coin-op display as other players online, or in game, watch you play, and wait for their chance to combat you. In online mode, players can send mini-game distractions, on the game pad, to distract opponents on the television.

2) Afterburner– This was a spot reserved for Starfox. However, that game will be its own beast. Nintendo could bring another arcade classic to Nintendo Wii U. A pro controller based game could open the door for single player campaign with a game pad that issues threats from the enemy artificial intelligence. Multiplayer online can have players online talk trash throughout the game pad and send mini-game distractions.

1) Wrestling– This spot could be for Mario, Zelda, or even Metroid. Instead, a WWE type game could use a pro controller style and use the game pad to send locker room distractions to players during matches and mini-games. Online play could allow players to send distractions to opposing game pads, call out players from online, and allow players, during tag team matches, to exchange advice, and even special health options.

Many of the options, offered above, are to send distracting material through the game pad to players during their game play. The Wii U game pad has other uses. That is the whole point of this piece. Play on the Wii U Gamepad is one option. Another way to work with these games is to use the pro controller and find other unique ways to use the Wii U Gamepad in the background.

By Nebulous81
By Nebulous81

What Nintendo Used to Be ( A Response Basted in Rage)

by Takimata (edited by TokyoShip)
by Takimata (edited by TokyoShip)

I must apologize to Nintendo, at this time, on the loss of Mister Satoru Iwata. Thank you Time Magazine. Gaming will not be the same.

This is Nintendo’s sin. Currently, Mister Tomonobu Itagaki plans to bring a title, Devil’s Third to the Nintendo Wii U. In an article at Nintendo Life, at, this is what the title is having to endure.
I was behind Nintendo, and determined to be behind Nintendo, once I realized what Sony and Microsoft offered. Sony and Microsoft duplicate a lot of content, while Nintendo looks to innovate, at every opportunity. There is the possibility Sega may re-enter the fray, at This does not solve a problem.

Nintendo’s console came to the market three years ago. In that time, in minor and major successes, the Nintendo Wii U console had proven to be a hit to a certain kind of market, but a slap in the face to those expecting other content. You can go to a Nintendo and get the Marios, Zeldas, and the Smash Brothers of the world. You cannot expect to get harder action, first person, real fighting games, and the like. If you really look at it, Nintendo’s vision has changed.

They are switching their gears and have focused more on the popular mobile market, and seem to cater this area, based on its popularity in Japan, at least I believe. Nintendo, in the last few years, have distanced themselves from third party companies, and have done a great deal not to acknowledge great third party efforts, like Deus Ex on Wii U. Whatever is going on in Nintendo, it is clear their focus is not on that area of games. It really is a shame. The promise of Battlefield Online excited players and then it was cancelled. The promise of Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U seemed inevitable. Instead, the game was cancelled after a period. Recently, Project Cars was the premier game expected to come to Wii U and of course, it is not, based on rumors. Now, rumors indicate Devil’s Third, at, will not come to North America, with Nintendo of America’s blessing.

This is the same kind of story and the same kind of issue. Content that shows the game may come to the console and then pulling the game, whether it is not as good as they thought, or the content is to extreme for the console, is an issue. It might not be a promise, but it is an indication the game can be on the system and can arrive. That is all you need really. The possibility. What Nintendo has shown in the Nintendo Wii U, is at every corner, and possibility, they snatch it away when they see fit. Nobody can question Nintendo’s quality, at times. Even if Alien: Colonial Marines, Devil’s Third, Deus Ex, or any other third party game do not fit under Nintendo’s seal of quality, why are there no similar titles on the console to make up for what is lost?

That is a problem. It says they are not the company they once were and really are transforming into something else. Nintendo plans to release a new console in the next year. My guess is this console will probably be a year late, but what the Nintendo Wii U should have been, some sort of hybrid. If the Wii U Gamepad were more complex, which may be the Nintendo NX controller, were portable, and something you could take anywhere, the Wii U would have been a massive hit. The Nintendo NX console will more than likely be double the power of the Wii U. It may regain, and respect third party support more or it may be a repeat of Nintendo Wii U, Wii, and Gamecube’s history.

Here and now, Nintendo’s forgotten about the people that used like Nintendo for quality and variety, in favor of just first and second party efforts. It is as ridiculous as Reggie’s ability to play Smash Brothers, during a tournament, and look formidable. Who cares if you run the company, you were schooled in your company’s premier title. What I feel now? Nintendo stop playing in a market where you pretend to care about all games. Go be that mobile company hybrid. Go set up your amusement space in Universal Studios theme park. Do not pretend as if you belong in the arena of harder games, or make promises to deliver on those other experiences. At this point, you’ll mess your Depends.


by W1totalk
by W1totalk

A while back, I had written some stories about a being known in mythology to have been an artisan, smith, miner, and warrior, only, in most text. Though many tales exist about the Dwarf, for me, it was important to put a different spin on the character. You can always place the Dwarf in a dark time, or fantastic place to coexist in a purposeful adventure. In my case, I wish to use this character, as the main character, to set an example of the eternal order that must exist between good and evil, under different circumstances.

You could always put a Dwarf, the stager, on a quest, and in a battle with a vile dragon for his lost gold. It is possible to put, a rogue Dwarf against his own family lineage as he clashes to create his own dominant line. Dwarf Complete looks to set a different standard.

Dwarf Complete is in an alternate universe, starting in 2010. It follows his character, over a three-year period. Thirty-year-old Lawrence Dodgea gangland version of Robin Hood battles a corrupted, ever-changing existence.

His top place, as leader of a special gang, and lust for violence, gets him a special audience with the newest weapon from a special, new, law enforcement group, the Cavaliers. Lawrence’s first encounter with the diabolical machine snatches, and changes, his life, literally. He becomes the weapon, a realized legend, a Dwarf that fights evil, and can only battle this evil to an epic and monstrous conclusion


The question, in all of this, is can you accept the ending? The character Lawrence follows a path he should and enters situations that make his life beyond torturous. In the end, he makes a choice, and follows it to a major finale, but is it fair?
You can order Dwarf Complete, now for just 2.50, unless you have Kindle unlimited or use the other incentives,  at  I cannot forget to acknowledge one of my inspirations, at Dark Chapter Press, at, for more great written content. Thank you, ahead of time, for your contributions.

by Ballakallab at Wikimedia Commons
by Ballakallab at Wikimedia Commons

Gaming Get That Act Right

by Evan-Amos
by Evan-Amos at Wikipedia Commons

So, I read an article at, and it talks about the state of Nintendo while a game, Project Hammer, was in development. There was a lot said. The reality is it points to an issue in gaming.

If you look at the state of Xbox One, while it does carry strong content, the system is not as popular as it should. This also points to an issue with gaming. The companies that create these consoles have strong identities, and brands. They have a responsibility to it. However, these markets serve public interest, not just customers in their neck of the woods, not just because of certain statics, but because with the development of certain hardware, the hope is, there is a responsibility to do a few things.

One, use your hardware, and explain its purpose so that other companies can use it, to the best of its ability. Two, if you are developing worldwide content expect to compete in a world market. Three, you should always value quality.

Ideally, there are three other ideas, I believe, these companies should consider. One, if the understanding of hardware is clear, other companies can be open to influence, push the limits of the hardware, and make suggestions for a current and next level hardware. Second, companies should never, ever, do exclusives, unless it is first party content. Three, Companies confident in their brand, and products should be able to take their market rivalry, and bring it into games, meant for competition in the gaming world.

Nintendo just completed their Nintendo World Championships, which is fun, a place to display their products, and truly establishes stern competition. In my eyes, I know this is an only Nintendo showcase. Why not have two parts to the competition, a Nintendo only portion, and a Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony makers, and players, competition, with exclusive games made by the companies in a combined effort for the competition?

In some sense, I believe, the game’s industry seems broken, though it is at a premium time, These companies need each other, need to develop stronger consoles, and could really turn the industry into an exclusive place for competition, surprises and fun, if there is a common world, quality, united competitive, and dedication-to-games, on all consoles, view.

How does a Street Fighter game, with nearly identical look and feel, exist two different ways on an Xbox One, and Playstation 4? How does Nintendo create an intellectual property like Fatal Frame for Japan, on the Nintendo Wii U, and months later, in a world market, prepare it for another countries’ rendition on the console? How in the world does Xbox One have Killer Instinct, and the console not be a complete success?
It begs to question the mindsets of the corporations, and more the direction of the gaming industry. The hope is there is a more open-minded approach to fight back the old ways. Is there a dedication to understand what your system can do and stand by that quality? Can the company’s console, though the popular, learn from the competitors, and be more consistent in their offerings, and not nonchalant about anything they bring to the market?