by by woodleywonderworks
by by woodleywonderworks

Punishment Today?

Inside Sociology, and within Mores, Norms and Folkways, is what is universally, and morally, acceptable. In an article, Daily Talker: Kansas Law Would Allow Harder Spanking, at, a law allows teachers, in Kansas City, Missouri, “up to ten strikes of the hand” with “smacks that are hard enough to cause redness and bruising”.

In a law that gives parents, the right to punish their children physically, to the law’s standard, and other adult figures, such as teachers, with parent’s permission, to punish their children, an important question exists. Why is this necessary?

Children have certain freedoms and rights today. This law’s augmentation is a step back. It means, in some ways, children with these rights may take advantage of their advance into adulthood. It means adults, who deal with these children, with rights, need a way to enforce just who is in power.

In any case, we move forward. Life moves forward. The Super Mario Pandora’s Box is open. Children understand certain things, and maybe they should not. They understand they have certain rights. Adults have to accept these rights and accept the consequences of children who take on this new responsibility or run wild with it.

On both sides, a respect must exist. A law runs in Kansas City because some children use this disrespect, in some adults’ eyes. A law makes it possible for children to take thoughtful bruises, if they use this disrespect. What has to go? Children’s disrespect must go.

Kids must avoid the detrimental hand. Focus on good grades in high school and college. This can possibly lead to your own business, dreams, leaps, and bounds. Disrespect is overblown. It is like any candy. It is good for the moment, but it does not last. What does last? When you get to choose, as an accomplished adult, locations and places you want to travel, in any given summer, for a vacation because you make the money necessary to do it.

Adults also need to avoid disrespect toward children. A child with freedom means more room for growth. It means new explorers, scientists and other societal contributors. The idea is to direct them and not beat them into submission because their lips slip into foul territory.

Children must self-monitor, though it might be hard for them, at first. In the end, they get the big reward. Adults can self-monitor too. Understand who is in power and do not abuse it. Adults can expect their good work with the children to pay off, with those who see their success.

The hope is the law creates a boundary that will teach children and adults, in Kansas City, Missouri, or anywhere, we will always move forward but, only if we push toward a common goal, universal success.



by Takimata (edited by  TokyoShip)
by Takimata (edited by TokyoShip)


Wii U: The Fun of It

The above subtitle is for anyone from consumers to developers. Nintendo barely reveals its new console and there is already talk of the console not being as powerful as Sony’s Playstation 3 or even Microsoft’s Xbox 360. We cannot even talk about the next generation of consoles. There is a hesitation around the Nintendo Wii U.

I am a fan on Nintendo products. They work. They produce fun and, simply, they know where this video game revolution is going. Companies like Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Atari and even SNK, just to name a few, exist to create fun, program quality and remain true to their consumers. In the future companies like these cannot necessarily compete with larger companies whose purpose is to get more money from consumers in a branch market that is not their specialty.

Even if the video game revolution takes a turn, with Ouya or Steam’s possible upcoming console, companies like Nintendo should be in the center to help direct quality control, fun and to direct how respect is to be dealt to all consumers.

In the mean time, I want to ask:

1) Do you know what the Nintendo Wii U is( I still believe some people don’t know what it is exactly)?

2) What has your experience been with the Nintendo Wii U?

3) What is your positive experience with the Wii U and what is your negative experience, if any?

This is where I usually get into the reason for this topic. The Nintendo experience is hard to describe to a large group of people with different opinions. My experience may differ from someone else’s experience. I could go into the Wii U Gamepad. I could explain how cool it is, how Nintendo’s online communication, and gaming, is both exciting and frustrating or even how Nintendo’s games, with high definition graphics, show much promise.

Instead I want to issue a challenge to Nintendo, the possibilities of games on the Wii U in the future and what makes Nintendo Wii U the console to purchase.

The challenge is to put up a challenge in these coming years with the current, and next generation on consoles, in terms of not only presentation but performance. Sony Playstation 3 has a game called MLB 13: The Show. I am somewhat of a fan of baseball. This game is interesting. Since the Playstation 2, MLB: The Show, by Sony, through the years, has been solid.

It has its problems but the game has been a hallmark for Sony, though they carry other baseball games on the Playstation 3. This year besides, its crowds, it is easily one of the most realistic looking baseball video games in a long time. Even the game’s, presentation looks solid. The game play I understand is good. Why bring this up in a Nintendo Wii U article?

This is what Nintendo needs to overcome. Nintendo needs a solid library for the Wii U, unlike what they have had for the Nintendo Gamecube or even the Nintendo Wii. They need to blockbuster games. But most important, and what relates to MLB 13: The Show, they need to show power.

The Nintendo Wii U is a next generation system. The problem is though they have currently no games that demonstrate the system’s next step, now. Nintendo Wii U has games that are ports, games that other systems have, and games Nintendo is known to make. The hope is Nintendo can show a game, they do not have to, but they can show a game, that makes consumers understand scope differently, start a creative process in the game world, before the release of a game and even allows gamers, video game consumers, to invest in what Nintendo sees as its next generation.

I don’t mean Mario, Zelda or even Metroid. When Nintendo releases those titles they will be epic. They are first party titles, games Nintendo presents to the public. Video games that speak to consumers should come from third party developers and first party developers.

I think about the game Zombi U. It is a game some people like and some people really dislike. I both like it and dislike it. I did not expect much from a game. I actually enjoy the game play to a point. It is a game of survival. You, the gamer, escape countryside full of zombies. You have very few weapons. You know when the zombies will attack but even when you are ready, you can never be ready. The game is tense, the game play is solid but there is want for more from the game itself.

This where I start to dream a bit as a possible game for Wii U’s future could be Zombi U 2: Community Uprising. Like any sequel, the game needs more and does more that its first iteration. Zombi U 2 can come out and exist as both a single player game and a multiplayer, both on and offline, game. The single player game has more weapons, more ammunition, dangerous zombies, interactive in game characters and a story that transports players to a possible hope of zombie extinction.

Now online, the meat and potatoes of this game, instantly transports members of Nintendo’s Mii verse community back to the Wii U to manage this horror. Other individuals, those from online, gather to this insane zombie countryside to join forces with other players online. You can choose to be human or live existence as a zombie. Humans create communities, purchase, or rent real estate and establish land, in game, form families, clans and alliances to create communities hell bent and determining the final outcome of this Zombie Apocalypse. Thought provoking downloadable content can drive the story of Zombi U after the one player game is done. The second game can even help to draw a final conclusion and story for a Zombi U 3, with community input.

I would like to see Mega Man brought to a Nintendo console with new intentions. Mega Man can exist with online properties. Mega Man can have his game in a respectful three-dimensional environment. He defeats his enemies and can have his final level. Though Mega Man on a Nintendo deserves to also have a community. A community that takes the different Mega Mans from different consumers consoles and has a mass battle. This is simple stuff. I would like to see though these Mega Men have their own conditions. Not every person is the same so not every Mega Man is the same.

Each Mega Man can be responsible for certain actions in their worlds and online. Some Mega Men can be good while others can be bad. Some Mega Man, while defeating numerous enemies, decisions within their communities can create more enemies or even decide to turn that Mega Man bad. In that case, Mii Verse, those in the Nintendo Wii U community, can join forces to take down fellow Mega Men inside quest or possibly in quest, Nintendo approves to stop those characters who have too much power. Of course, not every character consumer’s play would be Mega Man but everyone, in the Wii U community, would have a roll whether it would be a merchant, smith, dealer or some other player in Mega Man’s universe.

Finally, I would love to see a Marvel Universe game on the Wii U. Nothing like DC Universe Online, but a game to see individual battles between Marvel characters and characters people create in a game where the rules of comic book characters define how they exist in their world. For example, Bruce Banner is a scientist that people have respect for and dislike. The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner’s alter ego, is a monster. The game reacts to the Incredible Hulk as this monster. Police arrive quickly when the Hulk appears.

The military comes and even superheroes and villains come to find out just what the Incredible Hulk is up to, to help or to cause chaos. People can play the game online and makeup the foundational communities of heroes and villains. The game itself has some different communities that react and exist according to how your character is in the community, what damage they cause or even if they support certain products in the community to promote that community. Microsoft has a series of games on their console, Xbox 360, by the name Fable.

The game set out to create a world the reacts to you the hero, or villain. It was made by your decisions. It was a fun game. It has possibilities. Though to take the concept of whether your character stays a hero or villain and how the community reacts to your decisions to the Marvel Universe would be epic. Placing those decisions to those in the Mii Verse online community would be epic. In doing so, and showing it on Nintendo’s Wii U would be breathtaking.

Wii U signals many hopes and dreams. Go out and play it. See what you like and do not. There is no doubt though that you should invest in it.


by *MasaBowser (Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Games)
by *MasaBowser (Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Games)




Alien Eye
Blue Eye by Original uploader was 8thstar at en.wikipedia



The Mainstream Summer of 2014

If you visit and look up mainstream, at, you can find a definition for “the principal or dominant course, tendency or trend”. This is not a bad thing. However, when others take what people know and turn it into something else, this change can be very good or bad.

We are on the cusp of summer movie season. This outer rim of films prepares people to dive into a flavorful variety of summer movies and films. I remember a time I truly paid attention. At the time a movie called Dragonball Z Evolution was set to come out in April as one of these movies, in the form of an appetizer. If anyone knows the name Dragonball, it marks, in the early years, quest for magical relics, odd villains, and new abilities. Dragonball Z, a truly epic series, includes fantastic animation, great fights, massive quest, and undertakings.

Dragonball Evolution, of the same ilk, will be great by right. Well, not exactly. Instead, a movie comes to the market that highlights aspects of a greater series, but really tells a story people have seen before. The creative parts of the film scream this is a repeat. The action of the film dies. The story of the film is not really Dragonball anything. It is the story of boy meets girl at an awkward time. It just isn’t what people expect from Dragonball.

You throw a film together with just the aspect of leveling up, a training lifestyle, it will have staying power. Leveling up is a work ethic and mystic way to advance physically, mentally and spiritually to another level. This can promise film goers something greater.

I mean you have the whole of space to work with. You can tell them if they stick around, it will be worth it.

It seems this would be a more successful way to make other media content into successful films. It would make people more accepting of the heart of the summer film season.

I look at this current summer; Captain America is on the cusp. As we get closer to the summer, movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Spider man 2 or Godzilla, we’ll wait for Guardians of the Galaxy, will be the main course. Are you at all hesitant about these movies or do you go full steam ahead into them?

I think I just hope, the whole summer crop of movies, in 2014, use their voices, without a promise of tomorrow, to create experiences individuals can find funny, scary, epic and exciting, in the movie theater, with no strings attached.




Secretary of Defense Robert Gates meets with graduates of Texas A&M University at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, April 19, 2007. DoD photo by Cherie A. Thurlby. (Released) (Released to Public)
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates meets with graduates of Texas A&M University at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, April 19, 2007. DoD photo by Cherie A. Thurlby, at Wikipedia. (Released) (Released to Public)

DeSean Is Gone


DeSean Jackson is gone. Whether it be through gang affiliation or not, he is no longer a Philadelphia Eagle. What does this mean? It could mean the Philadelphia Eagles are right or we as Philadelphia fans are all wrong.

It doesn’t matter either way. The addition of Darren Sproles, a speedy half back, the re-signing of Riley Cooper, after his previous incident, and resurgence, and the re-signing of Jeremy Maclin, a wide receiver, are solid moves.

They cannot be the only moves. High hopes can only bring two things. First, a defense that can withstand a vicious offense, not necessarily stop it. Second, an offense that has both depth and carries new talent to replace the absence of one DeSean Jackson.

It starts on May 8, 2014. The 2014 NFL Draft will have the replacement the Philadelphia Eagles need. I believe, after all the defensive help and offensive depth, for example on the offensive line, is addressed, the Philadelphia Eagles will need two solid wide receivers from the NFL Draft.

Get a head start. Check out a preview in an article 2014 NFL Draft: Replacing DeSean Jackson at wide receiver by Mike Kaye, at Bleeding Green Nation.

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