One Part of the Circle of Life by W

Circle of Life by Ivana Houserova

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You dream of something. You consider your options. You see eternity. Dark hair. Creamy skin. Luscious, vibrant red lips. A smile that you cannot resist. Great down to earth personality. Real work ethic. A drive. You work harder. You want to get closer. You feel like you’re there. Work gets challenging. It just has different modes. You don’t want to burden her. Anyone. You look forward to “her” through all of it. She doesn’t know. A man, him and me, has to get closer. You see how. You take it. You make mistakes.

Your world changes. You want to stay, but the game changes. You find a place near her. Don’t lose it. You must wait. You look to see what went wrong while you wait. You remember, years ago. Another woman. Dark hair. Vibrant red lips. Creamy skin. Work ethic. A smile? She fought for you. You wanted her. The fear of that finale. You walked away. 

You want her now. They’re not the same, but the feeling of finding that connection. The essence of life. That circle. It makes you want to work even harder. You search. You carry a vive essence, though you lost some pieces within, to get what you want. Her. Her. Her. 

She doesn’t know what it means to hold hands, be close to her, or embrace her.

She means creation. Aphrodite’s ballad means happy times. This woman will kick your ass. She will love you just the same overall. You can build so much together. Her. Her. Her. It will not be complete until she finds you.  You her. Know to commit. Want to commit. Her. Her. Her.

Destroy History Philadelphia Squads

by  Lpdrew (talk) - Jeff_Garcia_warms_up_to_pass.jpg
by Lpdrew(talk) – Jeff_Garcia_warms_up_to_pass.jpg

It is great to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but it comes at a cost. The 2014 season is here. The Eagles have one win under their belt. It seems like it is going to take a bigger effort for the team to get where it needs to go. They must remain calm, potent, and unassuming throughout the whole ride, and every ride.

In a town where baseball suffers, the Flyers are unsure, and the Sixers get valid pieces, the Philadelphia Eagles get to overcome a reality. They are the current focus. It is not something the Philadelphia Union gets to write. You look at the Union and they are writing that history for a team in the future. Congratulations on getting in the playoffs. The other teams must overcome past history.

Every team should try to, in every city. You break the past and you write your own future. If the Phillies, combine old players, and new additives, or add the right new players and win two World Series, consecutively, they do better than the teams before them. They rewrite success in the town, for the particular sport. The same for the Sixers, get that right mix of players and win, and Flyers, keep mixing lineups and push to that cup.

You hope the Eagles mix, have fun and push for perfection, but never get too full of gusto. You hope they see themselves there, with a relentless, guiltless, domination.  Get that championship. Fill Broad Street and Frankford Avenue with jade exhilaration. Now you have to do it again, unconsciously. Open up the emotional well, the troubles, and strife when it is time to retire, to leave, or when a trade comes up. You, as fans, can only hope the team keeps it together, knows every opposing team is just another set of guys, no matter how dynamic, and can be beaten.

I see outside of Philly, a rival, the Washington Nationals, in baseball, has to overcome a history before them, in the Montreal Expos. They had decent teams, in the past, but had a history of bad squads. Fans have to believe once they see past this; the Nationals will write some new history. Monday Night, the Eagles write an undeniable, unstoppable history. Shift onward, repeat, beat the past, repeat, move forward, and do not stop. Go Eagles!

I Love Sports Will

by User Googie Man on en.wikipedia
by User Googie Man on en.wikipedia

 The National Basketball Association’s playoffs are great. They pit players that will their wants, against one another to prove who the best is. In my personal opinion, I believe a team, not the Miami Heat, can win the seat as the best team in the association. This team will face a challenge; they will hit a limit, and see, within their system and skill, a way to clutch that championship.

I love Philadelphia sports. The city’s professional sports teams exist in a tough climate, with pressure from the fans and the media. The five sports teams, in baseball, American football, basketball, hockey and football, or soccer, all must produce championship teams, annually. It has been a while since these teams have won. The Philadelphia Phillies got it in 2008. The team pushed their way into the championship. They got a parade. They won the fan and media praise.

It seems like that one championship, while fun, was not enough for a tough city. Six years later, the five of these teams will again push to get a championship in 2014. The reality is a championship will come if all the components of the team fit. The teams will succeed if they have durability, power, great skill, and more passion than the other teams in their leagues. Every Philadelphia sports team will have to outwork their opponents. From the first game to the final championship game of the season, the team that wills a win will get it. It can be done, but the passion has to be there.

Watch a documentary, We Could Be King. You get to see how a high school, Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia, takes players from another closed school, a hated rival in Germantown High School, and creates a culture that breeds not only a powerful championship football team, but a Mecca for academic success, through the hard times. It makes you wonder what the professional teams can do to one up this success.

It is not an intramural contest. However, it is a question. Can these professional teams get to a certain plateau under their own dire circumstances?

The reality is King High School saw the chance to get a championship and took it under dire circumstances. What can the professional sports teams do to best the teams and players, from their team’s past, for seasons to come? How can players within their organizations push their organizations to make the right decisions for their teams and make a championship the only reality, every year?

It is going to take a different kind of motivation, clearly. I suggest the teams make a pact with one another. I also suggest the teams make a bet with the city’s media.

They can bet the two teams that win a championship in the same season, in the next five years, can determine, for six months after the championships, what the Philadelphia media prints, says, or does in Philadelphia sports media. Philadelphia’s media are as tough, if not tougher than its fans. Their directive is clear. They get the facts and apply the pressure necessary to create a culture for the Philadelphia sports teams to understand they must win it all or lose, while everything else is unacceptable. The teams that will get championships in the next year, or a few years, can disarm this media.

I believe this could be good for the city. It could be good for the sport teams. This can help create a culture where building champions can become a common theme in Philadelphia.


DeSean Jackson Can Lead the Philadelphia Eagles, in 2014 and Beyond?


DeSean Jackson at Jacksonville at Philadelphia 2009-08-29 By Wigstruck
DeSean Jackson at Jacksonville at Philadelphia 2009-08-29
By Wigstruck, at Wikipedia.

Nick Foles, starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, can lead the team. It will take some tests, none more than this 2014 season but he can. If Nick Foles can fake, much like in basketball, continue to improve his ability to read defenses, and dash for those extra yards, when he has to, as his basketball background had asked of him previously, he will lead this team.

Nick Foles can win this team’s approval. LaShawn McCoy is here and can only continue to do what Shady does. This team has so much talent, in my opinion overall, but what will take it over the top is the ability to have DeSean Jackson make a turn.

In the past two weeks, rumors of DeSean Jackson’s disapproval of his current contract, or clash with Coach Chip Kelly, indicates DeSean Jackson’s exit from the Philadelphia Eagles, but only as part of a rumor.

Last year was not a lie. The unity of the team, condition, and talent gave them one playoff game to highlight to the National Football League just what the future holds.

It also gave them improper exposure, a defensive line that needs more size, quarterback that needs to recognize defenses more clearly, a secondary that needs to provide better coverage or offense that blanks out during big games.

What is the cure for all of this? I believe DeSean Jackson can take on the leadership role in 2014 in the same way a drug addict can start rehabilitation, without quit. He is one part of something that could start a trend.

If all of the Philadelphia Eagles can recognize just what they have now and look to see a big common goal, the big game, they can capture it easily.

If DeSean Jackson takes, a Terminator death march toward this common goal, and understands a big contract follows, the rest of the team can take it easy, know their roles, take the same march and beat up anything that gets in front of them.

It starts with DeSean though. Unlike a Randy Moss, part of a sixteen and O New England Patriots but without a Super Bowl, or Terrell Owens, nearly a Super Bowl Champion, DeSean Jackson can get a championship shot more than once. It is going to take a few things. I believe DeSean Jackson can gain some, muscle, weight, as long he maintains his speed, in order to take damage he will receive on the field.

I believe the Philadelphia Eagles, and Coach Chip Kelly, can outline for DeSean what it means to be a leader and have him follow it this season and going forward in order to change his perspective as a player forever. I also feel DeSean can send a challenge to the Philadelphia Eagles to bring in the best wide receivers the team can handle.

Whether it is through free agency or the draft, a DeSean Jackson that challenges his core will make himself better and the team better overall, and write his ticket to the Hall of Fame.

These are my opinions but they are not without merit. I look at Michael Vick. He is now a New York Jet. I can only feel upset, and happy, at his departure from the Philadelphia Eagles. If he can learn to fake, throw accurately, make good decisions on the field, and use his legs as a simple trick or tactic instead of his primary weapon, he can become the
quarterback everyone wants.

But, it only happens if he sees this. I hope DeSean Jackson can see what is in Philadelphia and just boost his talent to the point of DeSean Jackson, two-time Super Bowl Champion, multi-time Pro Bowler and so much more. What do you think?