Video Game Industry Babies

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To Whom It May Apply,

What do you do about individuals who shut out one company for another because it does not make their content in one way, but they produce the standard flavor, of content, on more “powerful hardware”?

It is the baby, or babies, in the industry. The only producer of hardware that creates something original shut out because it is not the status quo.
The game industry would not exist if someone did not take the risk to create the first console.

It will not move forward unless someone takes the risk to expand just what video games mean. For example, when did the fighting game, as a genre, take a different direction? It is easy to reproduce an idea but what about expanding a concept.

When substandard companies, afraid of competition, get a license and can produce content exclusively, is it okay to sit on the content and barely take the concept to its next level? I do not believe so but it is what is standard.

If Nintendo did not take the risk to create Wii U, the game industry would, will, create the 1.5 version of most titles available in the last generation of games. Wii U is simply an idea. How do you expand on that idea?

You poke fun at it, as a company that does not compete with anyone else but creates average sports titles. No, could you expand on a solid platform it, well, because it exists? Surely but that would take a different attitude.

With Kid Gloves On,

A Fan of Games

P.S. First person shooters can get better than Titan fall but it is going to take more of a risk. We just might have to wait until you are all old enough.