Gaming Get That Act Right

by Evan-Amos
by Evan-Amos at Wikipedia Commons

So, I read an article at, and it talks about the state of Nintendo while a game, Project Hammer, was in development. There was a lot said. The reality is it points to an issue in gaming.

If you look at the state of Xbox One, while it does carry strong content, the system is not as popular as it should. This also points to an issue with gaming. The companies that create these consoles have strong identities, and brands. They have a responsibility to it. However, these markets serve public interest, not just customers in their neck of the woods, not just because of certain statics, but because with the development of certain hardware, the hope is, there is a responsibility to do a few things.

One, use your hardware, and explain its purpose so that other companies can use it, to the best of its ability. Two, if you are developing worldwide content expect to compete in a world market. Three, you should always value quality.

Ideally, there are three other ideas, I believe, these companies should consider. One, if the understanding of hardware is clear, other companies can be open to influence, push the limits of the hardware, and make suggestions for a current and next level hardware. Second, companies should never, ever, do exclusives, unless it is first party content. Three, Companies confident in their brand, and products should be able to take their market rivalry, and bring it into games, meant for competition in the gaming world.

Nintendo just completed their Nintendo World Championships, which is fun, a place to display their products, and truly establishes stern competition. In my eyes, I know this is an only Nintendo showcase. Why not have two parts to the competition, a Nintendo only portion, and a Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony makers, and players, competition, with exclusive games made by the companies in a combined effort for the competition?

In some sense, I believe, the game’s industry seems broken, though it is at a premium time, These companies need each other, need to develop stronger consoles, and could really turn the industry into an exclusive place for competition, surprises and fun, if there is a common world, quality, united competitive, and dedication-to-games, on all consoles, view.

How does a Street Fighter game, with nearly identical look and feel, exist two different ways on an Xbox One, and Playstation 4? How does Nintendo create an intellectual property like Fatal Frame for Japan, on the Nintendo Wii U, and months later, in a world market, prepare it for another countries’ rendition on the console? How in the world does Xbox One have Killer Instinct, and the console not be a complete success?
It begs to question the mindsets of the corporations, and more the direction of the gaming industry. The hope is there is a more open-minded approach to fight back the old ways. Is there a dedication to understand what your system can do and stand by that quality? Can the company’s console, though the popular, learn from the competitors, and be more consistent in their offerings, and not nonchalant about anything they bring to the market?