Orange Torture. Kids In Danger. Happy Early Halloween

by W1totalk
by W1totalk

It will be up on Amazon for free, for Mischief Night and for Halloween. A 2.99 story is now only 99 cents. New cover and the story has more flavor at*Version*=1&*entries*=0. I previously wrote a piece on Amazon, at However, this teen horror piece is a little different. It continues to change. Torture is torture really.

Orange Torture was always a story meant for Halloween. It involves kids, but more the whole notion of going out to trick or treat. Just what can happen if things aren’t so sweet? John, Fritz and Dana enjoy one last night of that free tiny Snickers, the surprise giant confectionery treat, and the other side of reality. Halloween is not always about treats. There are some tricks and some are of the nastiest kind. It is one night to remember. One person is going to get it. Orange Torture. Check it out today.

Tastykake Glazed Chocolate Pie is Real

Tastykake Chocolate Glazed Pie by W1totalk
Tastykake Chocolate Glazed Pie by W1totalk

In the past, Hostess would carry many well-known pies. They would carry a variety of flavors, like apple, lemon and even pudding fillings, and all with icing or glaze, that were popular.

As a young boy, I would invariably find them exceptional and always available in stores. Today, Hostess pies are harder to find. The Wal-Mart website has been my first exposure, recently, to the scarce snack pies. Have no fear though; Tastykake has a solution.

But first:

1) What treats do you wish stores would still carry in abundance?

When I would first receive a Hostess Chocolate Pudding Pie, I found it exceptional. I did not, and do not, really eat pudding. However, I found, once you wrap that pudding in a pie shell, with icing or glaze, that pudding becomes exceptional.

It is only recently that Hostess would come back from bankruptcy. While I had gotten older, my sweet tooth would remain pie driven.

Enter the Tastykake Chocolate Pie, with real cocoa. They have a variety of pie flavors, including lemon, apple, cherry and chocolate. The Chocolate Pie would excite me the most.

It is weighty. The pie differs from traditional Tastykake Pies, in a personal carton. Tastykake’s new pie comes in a vivid, dense, cocoa wrapper.

The Taste

I must apologize ahead of time to Hostess. I would open my first Hostess Chocolate Pudding pie and hold it in my hands.

I remember the pie crust and pudding would crumble in my hands almost instantly.

The Hostess Pie was good but I remember Hostess Pies, overall, for having an abundance of filling or for a pie shell that could not hold the filling.

I am a fan of dense, heavy crust, especially if the pie filling is in overabundance.

Tastykake represents this idea best. I would open the Tastykake pie’s packaging to find a solid dessert.

I would move the hearty pastry between my hands but it would not fall apart.

This Tastykake Pie only comes apart when you are ready.

Inside the thick shell, a rich, almost, milk chocolate pudding waits. This combination of thick, sweet butter crust, glaze and lovable, rich milk chocolate pudding makes this pastry very different from Hostess’ product.

In The End

In passing these pies, in the store, I would mistake Tastykake’s new pies for Hostess pies.

These new pies taste much better, from memory, in my opinion.

I have to admit, I ate one other flavor previously.

Instead of writing a review on it, I would like you to taste the other new Tastykake pies and come to your own decision on the product.

Pick one up in the store. Pick up the Hostess pies in certain stores. You can compare the flavors.

In defense of Tastykake, I will say you can expect the heft of the new pie to prepare you for the great taste inside the packaging.

Find out more about the new Tastykake Chocolate Pudding Pie, other pies and products, at

Glazed Chocolate Pie in Package by W1totalk
Glazed Chocolate Pie in Package by W1totalk

Homestead Coffee Roasters Provides Great Tastes

By Kris Krug (kris krüg Member since 2004)
By Kris Krug (kris krüg Member since 2004, and from Flickr)

Homestead Coffee Roasters, LLC, at 1650 Bridgeton Hill Road, in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, is a surprising business. They got me to drink coffee and consider embracing coffee over a lifetime. This is how they did it.

They specialize in coffee preparation, roasting and even presentation. What many do not know is the quality of the restaurant, food preparation and the dining service, available in this small, but heartfelt place, is phenomenal.

If you were from Upper Black Eddy you probably already would visit, or are would frequent the business as a customer of Homestead Coffee Roasters. The way I would like to present this restaurant is a home, away from home, for anyone outside of the area of Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.

On a nice day, it is a joy to eat outdoors with great trees, brush, and a lovely, lake view, in the distance. If you wish to eat indoors, you sit in a quaint, dining room fit for a pleasant conversation, a romantic evening, meeting new friends, or traditional family dining.

I visited this place on a fishing trip in Upper Black Eddy. The outside of the restaurant represents a rustic and pleasant dining establishment. You stay inside, your creative mind and nostrils swell with the aromatic scents of the varied roast coffee blends.

You stay inside the staff stands ready with smiles and service to fill your empty stomach, and place any order for food that whets your appetite. In this case, I would order a short stack of pancakes, three strips of pork, bacon and an excellent cup of coffee, simply known at the Ringing Rocks Roast.

I have to admit I normally do not like coffee. This customer is just am not a usual coffee drinker. I can drink it, but no coffee has really overcome my senses, until now. However, I will get to that later.

The pancakes are a piece of heaven. The short stack is two golden brown pancakes that fill a massive plate. Each cake is so fluffy, supports the richness of true fresh butter, and mixes with light, sweet, but present syrup to melt in your mouth and fill your stomach. The pork bacon is good. It is fresh, not greasy but is meaty but lean.

The coffee, the Ringing Rocks Roast, is light, sweet with sugar and half-and-half, creamy, smooth, not bitter but blissful. When a friend told me about the coffee, I had my previous perceptions and interactions with coffee, in my mind, blown away.

This was an amazing experience along with the beauty of Upper Black Eddy, on a luminous day. If you combine, all of these elements with a fast and accommodating staff, Homestead Coffee Roasters becomes the place to visit, if you are in the neighborhood.

If you come to this part of Pennsylvania, want order food for takeout, in the area, or want to take in a beautiful collision of nature and quality cuisine, come visit Homestead Coffee Roasters. You can also order the amazing blends online, at their home website. Come try this home away from home.

Homestead Coffee Roasters is a family business founded by Rick Lewis, owner, and roast master. He started Homestead General Store in 1979. He transformed Homestead General Store with his family, and Michael Lewis, the other roast master, into Homestead Coffee Roasters. It now offers a general store, a restaurant, and a place to acquire quality roasted and import coffees either in the restaurant, or online. You can visit their website at,

Michael Lewis Presents Homestead Coffee Roasters