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The differences make us unique. In taste, person number one may like sweeter foods while someone else might enjoy sour foods more. Every eatery, restaurant, or boutique offers different foods for different people. Cookie Confidential offers a different taste in cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream and this is a very good thing.


1) What restaurant or eatery would you visit and find surprising?

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Melissa Torre discovers she wants something different in her desserts. She wants a different taste in brittle, she creates Black market Brittle, in cupcakes, she creates Undercover Cupcakes, and even in her cookies, she creates Cookie Confidential.

As it mentions on the website, she uses natural, organic ingredients, professional experience, as a restaurant manager, bartender, and creativity to bring her eatery, Cookie Confidential, to Society Hill, and South Street, with passion and authority. If you visit the company’s Facebook page, Twitter page or even search for the company online, Cookie Confidential offers good quality products many enjoy.

The Setup

On the edge of South Street,at 517 South 5th Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cookie Confidential welcomes customers into its massive space. Inside Cookie Confidential, pristine cookie jars, large glass display cases, with desserts well lit and ready for consumption, and great customer service await everyone who enters.

You have the options of sitting in and enjoying a conversation while drinking milkshakes, enjoying cookies, ice cream, or even cupcakes while looking out on a small portion of Philadelphia. You can also take Cookie Confidential with you, in fine packaging, and explore the city. Anyway, you would like it; Cookie Confidential deserves your attention.

The Taste

I have been to Cookie Confidential many times in my life. I would find out about Cookie Confidential from a relative. He would mention they would carry cheese steak, spicy and even hot dog cookies. It deserves my attention.

In my first visit, I would try two different items. I would taste a sample of ice cream. Do you enjoy vanilla, chocolate or even chocolate chip mint ice cream? Are you ready for Roasted Tomato Ice Cream? The sample mixes a strong, sweet, and creamy vanilla base with a subtle taste of roasted flavor and tomato, which works well.

While this was different, Cookie Confidential has so much more. I would purchase Chipotle Chocolate Chip cookies. These cookies use a sweet, crisp cookie to hide a spicy secret.

With the first bite, The Chipotle Chocolate Chip cookie blends what starts as sweet with a spicy taste that makes this cookie the perfect blend of sweet, hearty and hot.

On a second visit, I would enjoy a second sample of ice cream. The blend of Mole Chocolate Sauce, the well-known Mexican treat, and ice cream takes regular ice cream to another level. The deep flavor of rich chocolate excels with the spicy flavor in this cold delicious treat.

I would purchase two types of cookies. I would enjoy the Chocolate Chip cookie. The chewy cookie with melting chocolate blends in your mouth and makes your stomach happy. I would also enjoy the Maple Bacon Oatmeal cookie that uses a firm, sweet and smoky texture to give you a cookie that is both delectable and new.

In The End

Cookie Confidential offers the ability for us all to learn something new. Cookie Confidential combines many flavors into new and unique treats we might not expect. In most cases, Cookie Confidential offers some very enjoyable desserts. In other cases, Cookie Confidential presents us with an opportunity to explore new flavors in different ways.


The fall is the warming season. It is the time just before you envelop your body with gloves, winter jackets, and hats. This is a time for hearty foods, or fare, to remind you of home, in this case three reminders. The Popcorn and Nut cookie reminds me of the holidays. The flavorful, crunchy texture and light, touch of popcorn create a soft cookie with your heart in mind.

This Chocolate Chip Cookie continues as a mainstay sweet, savory, and delightful, for any celebration. The Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookie lures you with silky, smooth peanut butter, subtly, heats your senses, and beats back any chill in the fall, or the coming winter. Cookie Confidential continues a tradition, of solid cookies and a new definition of taste, for any season.

You can visit Cookie Confidential’s site, at You can see their selection of treats; order treats online and can become a fan of great new tastes. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm to 8pm.

The restaurant’s ice cream, in flavors like Strawberry Black Pepper, Eggnog, or Honey Peach, is available at Cookie Confidential, but is from Foam Floaterie. Visit their website at Sample the sweet, but piquant taste of the Foam Floaterie’s Mole Chocolate Ice Cream Sample, along with any other ice cream flavors, or samples, at Cookie Confidential.

Update 2/2/2015

Check the local Whole Foods, for your favorite cookie selections.

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