What You Want and What You Need In a Game Industry?

Two large stores new Star Wars  replenished merchandise displays. Does anyone know what this film will be about?
Two large stores new Star Wars replenished merchandise displays. Does anyone know what this new film will actually be about?

I wanted to try to explain this in the easiest way I could. In some sense, there always has to be a balance. I tried to think of the comparison to my subject, but the ease of it was not very simple. I look at Zoe Saldana, compare her performances in two of the biggest films in history, and see their differences. Misses Saldana, I believe, in Guardians of the Galaxy is a much better and more unique character, in the film mentioned, than her performance in Star Trek. I have always believed in some sense, ever since Star Trek, circa 2009, the movie series allows the previous actors to wear their parts.

I mean they try on their acting job; the actors fit it, walk around in it, and eventually become those parts. In that sense, Misses Saldana, if Guardians stays true to its personality, will have more success in that series. Guardians has much more personality than Star Trek, 2009, in my opinion.

In this current game industry there seems to be a straddle between a console concept based on power and with games that are a massive third-party hit, and a console concept that lives and dies on the personality of industry legends. This war gives the customer some of what they want in entertainment in one area, but then a lack of something else.

In this case, one console only carries first-party content while the other two consoles only carry the largest third-party games available. In all, I believe, in every console concept, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have ****** up the balance in the game industry.

Nintendo’s console, the Nintendo Wii U, carries a small share of the game industry. The console’s first-party content and innovation is unmatched. Third-party content, specifically, whether it is hit or miss, is scarce. Some of it is because of the console’s lack of power, others, I believe, are because of Nintendo’s past work with third-party companies, and others, I believe, are because of the supply and demand of game content today.

Microsoft and Sony have invested in the same console concept. Create a powerful system. Other companies invest in this system and create massive games to push the edges of their technology. These consoles however have no well to remember first-party content. There are the Halos, and Sony has some content.

This is a problem. In some sense, legends create content, which can be new and help to create a new mindset within the industry. Though, a complete lack of acknowledgment of third-party purpose, with an understanding of what makes money in this industry can be deficient. The same goes for Sony and Microsoft. Only publishing third-party content makes money now, but if there is no true purpose other than to support a company’s principle, it is possible to one day create another video game depression.

The industry needs to find some balance. I am not sure if Nintendo needs to combine with Apple, or Microsoft or Sony need to leave the video game industry, or one of those large companies have to merge with Sega, or some other legend of the industry, but whatever needs to happen must happen soon. There are only so many generations where you can handle different consoles in the same way you handle different remotes for an entertainment area in your home.

To think, this all started when looking at the toy isles, at two different stores, with the new Star Wars, Episode 7, merchandise. It is Star Wars, but if you really think about it, no one knows the movie’s actual subject. The products sell because it is Star Wars. The concepts look the same.

This film’s actual story and purpose of the characters are unknown. In that sense, the success of the film rides on the skill of JJ Abrams, and his crew, and Star War’s past. It seems like in the past, the film introduced a new look and different content, in 1977, to theaters. After that, the merchandise brought people to the store to enjoy it and remember the film. How times have changed. In both stores, I know I hoped the film creates a balance between its marketing, merchandise, and film story.

What Nintendo Used to Be ( A Response Basted in Rage)

by Takimata (edited by TokyoShip)
by Takimata (edited by TokyoShip)

I must apologize to Nintendo, at this time, on the loss of Mister Satoru Iwata. Thank you Time Magazine. Gaming will not be the same.

This is Nintendo’s sin. Currently, Mister Tomonobu Itagaki plans to bring a title, Devil’s Third to the Nintendo Wii U. In an article at Nintendo Life, at http://nintendoenthusiast.com/news/devils-third-preview-round-up/, this is what the title is having to endure.
I was behind Nintendo, and determined to be behind Nintendo, once I realized what Sony and Microsoft offered. Sony and Microsoft duplicate a lot of content, while Nintendo looks to innovate, at every opportunity. There is the possibility Sega may re-enter the fray, at http://www.twinfinite.net/2015/07/07/segas-making-a-new-console-game-and-wants-to-regain-trust-from-their-fans/. This does not solve a problem.

Nintendo’s console came to the market three years ago. In that time, in minor and major successes, the Nintendo Wii U console had proven to be a hit to a certain kind of market, but a slap in the face to those expecting other content. You can go to a Nintendo and get the Marios, Zeldas, and the Smash Brothers of the world. You cannot expect to get harder action, first person, real fighting games, and the like. If you really look at it, Nintendo’s vision has changed.

They are switching their gears and have focused more on the popular mobile market, and seem to cater this area, based on its popularity in Japan, at least I believe. Nintendo, in the last few years, have distanced themselves from third party companies, and have done a great deal not to acknowledge great third party efforts, like Deus Ex on Wii U. Whatever is going on in Nintendo, it is clear their focus is not on that area of games. It really is a shame. The promise of Battlefield Online excited players and then it was cancelled. The promise of Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U seemed inevitable. Instead, the game was cancelled after a period. Recently, Project Cars was the premier game expected to come to Wii U and of course, it is not, based on rumors. Now, rumors indicate Devil’s Third, at http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/07/rumour_nintendo_isnt_bringing_devils_third_to_north_america, will not come to North America, with Nintendo of America’s blessing.

This is the same kind of story and the same kind of issue. Content that shows the game may come to the console and then pulling the game, whether it is not as good as they thought, or the content is to extreme for the console, is an issue. It might not be a promise, but it is an indication the game can be on the system and can arrive. That is all you need really. The possibility. What Nintendo has shown in the Nintendo Wii U, is at every corner, and possibility, they snatch it away when they see fit. Nobody can question Nintendo’s quality, at times. Even if Alien: Colonial Marines, Devil’s Third, Deus Ex, or any other third party game do not fit under Nintendo’s seal of quality, why are there no similar titles on the console to make up for what is lost?

That is a problem. It says they are not the company they once were and really are transforming into something else. Nintendo plans to release a new console in the next year. My guess is this console will probably be a year late, but what the Nintendo Wii U should have been, some sort of hybrid. If the Wii U Gamepad were more complex, which may be the Nintendo NX controller, were portable, and something you could take anywhere, the Wii U would have been a massive hit. The Nintendo NX console will more than likely be double the power of the Wii U. It may regain, and respect third party support more or it may be a repeat of Nintendo Wii U, Wii, and Gamecube’s history.

Here and now, Nintendo’s forgotten about the people that used like Nintendo for quality and variety, in favor of just first and second party efforts. It is as ridiculous as Reggie’s ability to play Smash Brothers, during a tournament, and look formidable. Who cares if you run the company, you were schooled in your company’s premier title. What I feel now? Nintendo stop playing in a market where you pretend to care about all games. Go be that mobile company hybrid. Go set up your amusement space in Universal Studios theme park. Do not pretend as if you belong in the arena of harder games, or make promises to deliver on those other experiences. At this point, you’ll mess your Depends.