by W1totalk
by W1totalk

A while back, I had written some stories about a being known in mythology to have been an artisan, smith, miner, and warrior, only, in most text. Though many tales exist about the Dwarf, for me, it was important to put a different spin on the character. You can always place the Dwarf in a dark time, or fantastic place to coexist in a purposeful adventure. In my case, I wish to use this character, as the main character, to set an example of the eternal order that must exist between good and evil, under different circumstances.

You could always put a Dwarf, the stager, on a quest, and in a battle with a vile dragon for his lost gold. It is possible to put, a rogue Dwarf against his own family lineage as he clashes to create his own dominant line. Dwarf Complete looks to set a different standard.

Dwarf Complete is in an alternate universe, starting in 2010. It follows his character, over a three-year period. Thirty-year-old Lawrence Dodgea gangland version of Robin Hood battles a corrupted, ever-changing existence.

His top place, as leader of a special gang, and lust for violence, gets him a special audience with the newest weapon from a special, new, law enforcement group, the Cavaliers. Lawrence’s first encounter with the diabolical machine snatches, and changes, his life, literally. He becomes the weapon, a realized legend, a Dwarf that fights evil, and can only battle this evil to an epic and monstrous conclusion


The question, in all of this, is can you accept the ending? The character Lawrence follows a path he should and enters situations that make his life beyond torturous. In the end, he makes a choice, and follows it to a major finale, but is it fair?
You can order Dwarf Complete, now for just 2.50, unless you have Kindle unlimited or use the other incentives,  at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010THPA1M/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_YkkMvb1SCC8.  I cannot forget to acknowledge one of my inspirations, at Dark Chapter Press, at http://www.darkchapterpress.com/, for more great written content. Thank you, ahead of time, for your contributions.

by Ballakallab at Wikimedia Commons
by Ballakallab at Wikimedia Commons

A Video Game Company and the other Companies Who Know Very Little

By William Hook, at Wikimedia Commons
By William Hook, at Wikimedia Commons

Below I have posted an article for people to read as it relates to at least one the currently well-known companies in the video game industry. It clearly defines, in my opinion, the problem with other companies making video games in an industry meant for fun.

But first,

1) What company’s product do you like? Which product is not user friendly?

2) What product do you use that you wish was more user friendly?

Below I have posted an article for people to read as it relates to at least one the currently well-known companies in the video game industry. It clearly defines, in my opinion, the problem with other companies making video games in an industry meant for fun.

But first,

1) What company’s product do you like? Which product is not user friendly?

2) What product do you use that you wish was more user friendly?

It is not fair for me to ask someone about what they like that is user-friendly versus without defining just what I believe user-friendly means. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary can define user-friendly as “easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with”, at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/user-friendly.

I believe user-friendly is just an act of being well meaning enough to account for many different things. In video games, the objective of any company should be to make money from your well thought product.

Is it necessary though to drop basic decency, as a respectful company, in my opinion, to make more money? While companies, overall, have their moments and can be conglomerates that are cold and callous, in my opinion, it is also clear they offer a product and service to drive consumer excitement.

I believe, in video games, media companies like Microsoft and Sony, that are not part of that industry, present a product for the masses with moneymaking, in mind, only. This mindset drives a stronger internal drive in those companies than the actual consumer wants or needs, but this is only an opinion.

Below are two reasons for my feelings on these companies:

1) Media companies, like Microsoft and Sony, consider only the product to make money rather than consumer resources, in getting those products

In an article, at IGN.com,Gamers Without Internet Can Stick With Xbox 360, Says Microsoft, at http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/12/gamers-without-internet-can-stick-with-xbox-360-says-microsoft. Microsoft tells users who cannot receive an internet connection to stay with their previous video game console, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, rather than purchase Microsoft’s new video game console, Xbox One.

Why are they saying this? How much of an install base does Microsoft’s Xbox One have at this point? This is the main reason why companies, like a Sony or Microsoft, should not be in the video game industry as game developers and console producers, and in my opinion, should not get support from either consumers or video game developers.

If a company like Microsoft could get Sega, Nintendo or another video game company in front of them, they could shield Microsoft but support the company’s bottom line.

Microsoft, Apple or Sony can be the industries big financiers funding the industry forward. The true video game minds, from the public perspective, can develop the product and games for many circumstances; they can understand the video game industry better and can receive the rewards of developing a product all consumers can enjoy.

2) Media companies like, Microsoft or Sony, have no real future for an industry they are not a part of, solely

I actually enjoy some of Sony’s products. Sony is the one company, I believe, that can do the research and come into the video game industry to make major in roads and lead the industry into a bright future.

However, they do have many flaws and are a media company. Specifically, at the Score Online.com, in Six Problems with Today’s Disastrous Playstation 4 Briefing, found at http://www.thescoreonline.com/six-problems-with-todays-playstation-4-briefing/.

The article talks about Sony introducing its new video game console, at a briefing on February 20, 2013, the Sony Playstation 4, to the public and the problems in relation to this introduction.

By not setting a release date for their new console, in this briefing, telling the public what the intention of the console will be five to ten years or even actually showing the console, Sony will reveal the Playstation 4 with the intention of wetting fans appetites, in my opinion, seeing the money and not consumers’ needs.

If Sony does not have an exact release date for their new video game console, it will make it hard for some consumers to save money for that console. If issues like whether or not the new Playstation 4 will get used games, slightly less in cost then a new game at $60 or more, are not brought up it will make it difficult for consumers to consider whether a video game console, like Playstation 4, is the right fit for them.

In the same way, during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony talks about and even shows their new video game console.

A huge question should be why should it matter? Whether it is at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or a briefing, the stage you introduce your product on, is in the public.

if your purpose is to give clear details in an introduction of your product to that public?

Whether it is a briefing or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, details on a product should be clear once it is brought to the market, period. Sony, in my opinion, intends to present a product to the market but in the end, the success of that product and the future of that product is murky.

Sony would create, for the Playstation 3, a product known as the Playstation Move. Information on the Playstation Move found here at http://us.playstation.com/ps3/playstation-move/. It is a control scheme, similar to Nintendo’s Wii Remote motion control scheme, for the Playstation 3 video game console.

In my personal experience, a Playstation representative would come to a local Gamestop, a video game store, and show the Playstation Move to the public. Now, that should be a good thing.

In this case, in my opinion, in that demonstration the Playstation Move was a copy cat of Nintendo’s Wii Remote concept. In fact, I felt Sony would abandon that concept if it were to fail, immediately. Playstation 3 has its own control scheme.

Why mimic a concept another company develops. I felt there was no plan for the actual Playstation Move but it was a demonstration. It was something Sony made, at the time, to work on Playstation 3.

As it easy it came to the store it could be taken out of the store. On that day, Sony, in my opinion, was the media company that just rather tries things and if it works, it does. If the concept does not work, what happens?

If Playsation 4 is not successful, in Sony’s eyes? Is it just going to be taken off of the market? Thankfully, Playstation Move is coming to Playstation 4 and currently Playstation 4 is not a failure.

I just feel if Sony were to work with Nintendo, Sega or even SNK and create a video game company driven consoles, they would be more successful. They are just not a video game company.

Video game history is video game history. Sony and Microsoft do justice to video game market by keeping the excitement in video games alive with Nintendo, personal computers and other devices. They do not do it justice by following their own plans and driving their products first instead considering the consumers.

Update 12/31/2014

There is so much happening in this particular article, at http://gimmegimmegames.com/2014/12/xbox-one-199-target-select-3ds-xl-systems-99/. The latest technology released at a breakneck price, $199, from Microsoft, and $99 from Nintendo.

In one sense, you get newer technology for a discount price. In another sense, the price cut in the technology says something about the companies, and their production. This is worrisome, progressive, and sad again. It points out the flaws in all of these companies. The idea of getting this technology should be to hit the ground running, producing content to excite and advance the industry, but leave room for imagination, exploration, and success at the start.

If ever the games’ industry needs a change this, indicates this should come sooner, than later. Nintendo can produce, and lead, along with five older cooperating companies, and new companies to produce a single platform format, with quirks added by each company. For example, create a Wii Next, PS Next, and Xbox Next, with a platform standard. Nintendo can add something like a Gamepad to their console, but it can be a universal device on other consoles should you purchase.

All of these consoles can get the same software, but the in fair race the hardware that fades will disappear, as long as all of these companies have input on all the console’s specifications, and models.

If the software becomes king, with a PC push in performance, the industry might advance, in a cleaner way, without sales like this happening until the downward decline of a console’s life.

Do this in a way to earn money for all of these companies; it will create a more stable industry and a more potent future. If you really look at it, there is a reason the Nintendo portable console has a price cut. However, what is Microsoft’s excuse?

Tastykake Glazed Chocolate Pie is Real

Tastykake Chocolate Glazed Pie by W1totalk
Tastykake Chocolate Glazed Pie by W1totalk

In the past, Hostess would carry many well-known pies. They would carry a variety of flavors, like apple, lemon and even pudding fillings, and all with icing or glaze, that were popular.

As a young boy, I would invariably find them exceptional and always available in stores. Today, Hostess pies are harder to find. The Wal-Mart website has been my first exposure, recently, to the scarce snack pies. Have no fear though; Tastykake has a solution.

But first:

1) What treats do you wish stores would still carry in abundance?

When I would first receive a Hostess Chocolate Pudding Pie, I found it exceptional. I did not, and do not, really eat pudding. However, I found, once you wrap that pudding in a pie shell, with icing or glaze, that pudding becomes exceptional.

It is only recently that Hostess would come back from bankruptcy. While I had gotten older, my sweet tooth would remain pie driven.

Enter the Tastykake Chocolate Pie, with real cocoa. They have a variety of pie flavors, including lemon, apple, cherry and chocolate. The Chocolate Pie would excite me the most.

It is weighty. The pie differs from traditional Tastykake Pies, in a personal carton. Tastykake’s new pie comes in a vivid, dense, cocoa wrapper.

The Taste

I must apologize ahead of time to Hostess. I would open my first Hostess Chocolate Pudding pie and hold it in my hands.

I remember the pie crust and pudding would crumble in my hands almost instantly.

The Hostess Pie was good but I remember Hostess Pies, overall, for having an abundance of filling or for a pie shell that could not hold the filling.

I am a fan of dense, heavy crust, especially if the pie filling is in overabundance.

Tastykake represents this idea best. I would open the Tastykake pie’s packaging to find a solid dessert.

I would move the hearty pastry between my hands but it would not fall apart.

This Tastykake Pie only comes apart when you are ready.

Inside the thick shell, a rich, almost, milk chocolate pudding waits. This combination of thick, sweet butter crust, glaze and lovable, rich milk chocolate pudding makes this pastry very different from Hostess’ product.

In The End

In passing these pies, in the store, I would mistake Tastykake’s new pies for Hostess pies.

These new pies taste much better, from memory, in my opinion.

I have to admit, I ate one other flavor previously.

Instead of writing a review on it, I would like you to taste the other new Tastykake pies and come to your own decision on the product.

Pick one up in the store. Pick up the Hostess pies in certain stores. You can compare the flavors.

In defense of Tastykake, I will say you can expect the heft of the new pie to prepare you for the great taste inside the packaging.

Find out more about the new Tastykake Chocolate Pudding Pie, other pies and products, at http://www.tastykake.com/products/pies.

Glazed Chocolate Pie in Package by W1totalk
Glazed Chocolate Pie in Package by W1totalk

In The Night Kitchen Bakery of Chestnut Hill?

The Jumble at The Night Kitchen Bakery by W1totalk
The Jumble at The Night Kitchen Bakery by W1totalk

During my visit to The Night Kitchen Bakery, they presented the best of any sweet dessert or dish in its most natural form. I visited the business with one intention, to get a small lunch and soothe a desired need for the bakery’s cookies. The business, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 7725 Germantown Avenue, presented natural meals and desserts done well.

I have not tried the brownies, sticky buns, wedding or regular cakes. They enticed me with their rich chocolate, sticky, sweet, honey, and regal looks. I tried the cookies.

The cookies, I noticed, carried their own theme. The Jumble, a combination of chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, nuts and, I believe, oatmeal, will have your needs met. The Poppy seed cookies are saccharine, crunchy, and delectable.

During my visit, I tried a Strata and different cookies, specifically, one set of cookies called Sandy Feet. Strata, a combination of bacon, cheddar, and eggs served with fruit or mixed green salad called me home. It turned out Strata was a slice of fine quiche but with more layers. The eggs, bacon, and cheese morphed into a light and savory pie.

The fruit, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes, tasted fresh picked.

The Night Kitchen Bakery presented a robust taste. With a cordial staff and a quaint and clean business, Night Kitchen Bakery’s standards are high.

Sandy feet, when I think about it, reminded me of something in a prayer related email. These Sandy Feet are not holy feet, as mentioned in the email. They are cookies cut into small feet. They were thick but had a light crumbled texture.

Their sweet taste, covered with either cinnamon sugar or a combination of light spice and a sugar sweet blend, raised the cookies to another level. If you smell the underside of these cookies, they stink, of Parmesan cheese.

I also tasted the cookies called Jumbles. I considered them small mountains of flavor, which are moist, nutty, sweetly centered, and wholesome. I finally tried The Poppy Seed cookies, which are sweet, smooth, simple, but classic.

Night Kitchen Bakery presented, in my eyes, a wonderful business idea with good taste.

Night Kitchen Bakery, in existence for 25 years, served great cookies and fine food. The Night Kitchen Bakery, a staple of Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, took the necessary steps to make their business more environmentally conscience. Amy Beth Edelman and John Millard own the bakery.

Find more information on The Night Kitchen Bakery at http://www.nightkitchenbakery.com/.

You can also find more information on their available cakes, custom cakes, tarts, café items and their Thanksgiving barrage of dessert pies and treats, everything from Cranberry Almond Cake, Blueberry Almond Tarts or Double Crust Apple, Apple Crumble or Pumpkin Pie.

Homestead Coffee Roasters Provides Great Tastes

By Kris Krug (kris krüg Member since 2004)
By Kris Krug (kris krüg Member since 2004, and from Flickr)

Homestead Coffee Roasters, LLC, at 1650 Bridgeton Hill Road, in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, is a surprising business. They got me to drink coffee and consider embracing coffee over a lifetime. This is how they did it.

They specialize in coffee preparation, roasting and even presentation. What many do not know is the quality of the restaurant, food preparation and the dining service, available in this small, but heartfelt place, is phenomenal.

If you were from Upper Black Eddy you probably already would visit, or are would frequent the business as a customer of Homestead Coffee Roasters. The way I would like to present this restaurant is a home, away from home, for anyone outside of the area of Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.

On a nice day, it is a joy to eat outdoors with great trees, brush, and a lovely, lake view, in the distance. If you wish to eat indoors, you sit in a quaint, dining room fit for a pleasant conversation, a romantic evening, meeting new friends, or traditional family dining.

I visited this place on a fishing trip in Upper Black Eddy. The outside of the restaurant represents a rustic and pleasant dining establishment. You stay inside, your creative mind and nostrils swell with the aromatic scents of the varied roast coffee blends.

You stay inside the staff stands ready with smiles and service to fill your empty stomach, and place any order for food that whets your appetite. In this case, I would order a short stack of pancakes, three strips of pork, bacon and an excellent cup of coffee, simply known at the Ringing Rocks Roast.

I have to admit I normally do not like coffee. This customer is just am not a usual coffee drinker. I can drink it, but no coffee has really overcome my senses, until now. However, I will get to that later.

The pancakes are a piece of heaven. The short stack is two golden brown pancakes that fill a massive plate. Each cake is so fluffy, supports the richness of true fresh butter, and mixes with light, sweet, but present syrup to melt in your mouth and fill your stomach. The pork bacon is good. It is fresh, not greasy but is meaty but lean.

The coffee, the Ringing Rocks Roast, is light, sweet with sugar and half-and-half, creamy, smooth, not bitter but blissful. When a friend told me about the coffee, I had my previous perceptions and interactions with coffee, in my mind, blown away.

This was an amazing experience along with the beauty of Upper Black Eddy, on a luminous day. If you combine, all of these elements with a fast and accommodating staff, Homestead Coffee Roasters becomes the place to visit, if you are in the neighborhood.

If you come to this part of Pennsylvania, want order food for takeout, in the area, or want to take in a beautiful collision of nature and quality cuisine, come visit Homestead Coffee Roasters. You can also order the amazing blends online, at their home website. Come try this home away from home.

Homestead Coffee Roasters is a family business founded by Rick Lewis, owner, and roast master. He started Homestead General Store in 1979. He transformed Homestead General Store with his family, and Michael Lewis, the other roast master, into Homestead Coffee Roasters. It now offers a general store, a restaurant, and a place to acquire quality roasted and import coffees either in the restaurant, or online. You can visit their website at, http://www.homesteadcoffee.com.

Michael Lewis Presents Homestead Coffee Roasters

Ambler Donuts Is Good(and is Gone)

One of the donuts of the Sprinkle Alley, at Ambler Donuts, in Ambler, Pennsylvania.
One of the donuts of the Sprinkle Alley, at Ambler Donuts, in Ambler Pennsylvania.

There are times you can go to a doughnut shop, as part of a chain, to meet your snacking needs. As local doughnut shops go, there are many options and a variety places to visit for fresh and tasty donuts.

Only one place exist that applies creativity to their donuts, has consistent freshness in their donuts and great customer service.

Ambler Donuts is one of those places that you have to visit and taste what they have to offer.

I do not know why I went to Ambler Donuts, on a Sunday. There is actually a Subway restaurant right next door to Ambler Donuts.

In reality, my sweet tooth was driving my true food need that day. I went into Ambler Donuts. It is a smaller place that is comfortable. The staff even greets you as you walk in the door but neither of those things can prepare you for the quality of Ambler Donuts.

It is the best of what you can get locally in donuts, period, in my opinion. While Ambler Donuts is not a part of a chain, it seems like a popular doughnut shop, as shown in the links found at the end of this article. They use creativity, and transform that creativity into reality, by making unique and flavorful donuts.

I did not know this during my first visit to this shop. Small chalkboards with the names of various donuts, in an array of flavors,are spread neatly in trays, along the wall of the shop. A small counter stands ready with muffins, if donuts are not your taste. Coffee is ready for those customers just in need of a coffee fix.

There are other bakeries, and businesses, locally, that carry donuts with similar flavors to Ambler Donuts. Clearly in order to understand the difference between Ambler Donuts and other places, it comes down to tasting what they have to offer.

They have a Chocolate Iced Doughnut. It is a plain yeast doughnut, if you could call it that, with a chocolate icing on it. The doughnut is fresh and slightly chewy. It is wholesome and filling. The chocolate icing on the doughnut is like a fresh milk chocolate cream. It makes the doughnut complete.

The Chocolate Iced Doughnut can prepare you for the other creative flavors available at Ambler Donuts. They have flavors like the French toast, Lemon Meringue, Red Velvet, French Apple, Blueberry Pancake or the Sea Salt Chocolate Donuts, just to name a few. I would like to try these flavors, but often, I just try the basic donuts before launching into other flavors at a new place.

I would purchase one other doughnut Sunday. Ambler Donuts carries a Cream Doughnut, which is epic. The doughnut is fresh and light, as everything has been at Ambler Donuts, and the outside of the doughnut has a light coating of powdered sugar. When you bite into the doughnut, initially, it is airy but also hearty. It is very easy on your tongue and your taste buds.

In the very center of the doughnut, is a rich dollop of light, sweet vanilla cream that takes the doughnut not only to another level, but fills your mouth with a sweet surprise and warms your heart. I do have something else to confess about Ambler Donuts.

I have been there previously for one other doughnut. It is a cardinal sin if a business has this doughnut and does not prepare it properly.

It is this doughnut, in my opinion, that makes Ambler Donuts the ultimate place, for a morning stop or a great snack. Ambler Donuts carries a doughnut, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut that is a combination of fresh peanut butter icing, that is not too sweet and has the perfect amount of peanut flavor, on top of the doughnut, and just the right amount of grape filling, inside the doughnut, to send any peanut butter and jelly fan into ecstasy.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnut does not taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but it does taste like a peanut butter and grape dessert you could find at a very nice restaurant.

Ambler Donuts is not a surprise or a secret in Ambler, Pennsylvania, as shown in the links below, but it is a place where I would suggest you try the doughnuts, sip the coffee, taste the doughnut holes, which are small chocolate and plain yeast doughnut bites, taste the muffins to come to your own conclusions on Ambler Donuts.

I found Ambler Donuts as one of the places; they talk about in Pennsylvania, and outside of Philadelphia, that has so much to offer.

Ambler Donuts Update (9/12/2013)

I am not sure what made me stop at Ambler Donuts today. It could be the feeling of September’s cool breeze sweeping in, the idea of Fall flavors at Ambler Donuts or the need for the fresh taste and the wondrous variety, I was hungry for them.

There were two previous flavors I did not have at Ambler Donuts yet, the Chocolate Creme Doughnut and the French Toast Doughnut. The Chocolate Creme Doughnut does not differ in its perfect freshness, the specific dollop of creme, in the center, or its diamond shape, in comparison to the Vanilla Creme Doughnut.

Chocolate Creme, with its dusting of powdered sugar, holds a sweet, light, but subtly rich milk chocolate taste directly in the center of the doughnut.

The French Toast Doughnut makes a point of being good anytime. I mean eat it in the morning, afternoon or night. Inside of its perfectly round shape and delicious syrup and butter glaze, the French Toast Doughnut has its own buttery, sweet, cinnamon creme, inside, that puts you in that breakfast in bed moment, in the first bite.

Just to see how close this doughnut is to a French toast breakfast, I would warm the doughnut just slightly. The flavors, in combination, will start your morning right. A buttery taste, the creme given just a little heat and the slight melt of the syrup, butter and smidgen of powdered sugar on top, says Good Morning to you.

Once September really settles in, doughnut flavors like Apple Cider and Pumpkin will warm peoples’ hearts and expectations this Fall and Winter.

Ambler Donuts, at 30 S Bethlehem Pike in Ambler, PA 19002, is currently open seven days a week from 6 am to 2 pm. For more comments on offerings from Ambler Donuts, you can visit Yelp.com, at http://www.yelp.com/biz/ambler-donuts-ambler, or Four Square.com, at https://foursquare.com/v/ambler-donuts/4df685681838c789e8b6b0ba, for other reviews and comments.

You can also speak directly to Ambler Donuts. Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ambler-Donuts/132558550173809.

Ambler Donuts (Update 3/30/2015)

It is sort of like an absence you will not long for until you just start to need it. They had real peanut butter, and jelly donuts. Peanut Butter Cup. Fresh vanilla, and chocolate glazed goodness, daily. The strawberry donuts were unyielding. Yet, on March 13, 2015, Ambler Donuts closed its doors.

Personally, I thought they would be there seasonally, and daily, for years to come. It is gone. There are only the other options. It will be missed. The chocolate cream was insane. Sprinkle Alley.

Ambler Donuts (Update 4/20/2015) 

Psst. Fresh taste and great flavor continue. Check out the Upper Dublin Bagel Squad, at https://www.facebook.com/udbagelsquad. Ambler Donuts never forgotten.

Smells good inside Ambler Donuts

Cookie Confidential Presents the Good Differences

Cookie Confidential 1 by W1totalk

The differences make us unique. In taste, person number one may like sweeter foods while someone else might enjoy sour foods more. Every eatery, restaurant, or boutique offers different foods for different people. Cookie Confidential offers a different taste in cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream and this is a very good thing.


1) What restaurant or eatery would you visit and find surprising?

Please comment below.

Melissa Torre discovers she wants something different in her desserts. She wants a different taste in brittle, she creates Black market Brittle, in cupcakes, she creates Undercover Cupcakes, and even in her cookies, she creates Cookie Confidential.

As it mentions on the website, she uses natural, organic ingredients, professional experience, as a restaurant manager, bartender, and creativity to bring her eatery, Cookie Confidential, to Society Hill, and South Street, with passion and authority. If you visit the company’s Facebook page, Twitter page or even search for the company online, Cookie Confidential offers good quality products many enjoy.

The Setup

On the edge of South Street,at 517 South 5th Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cookie Confidential welcomes customers into its massive space. Inside Cookie Confidential, pristine cookie jars, large glass display cases, with desserts well lit and ready for consumption, and great customer service await everyone who enters.

You have the options of sitting in and enjoying a conversation while drinking milkshakes, enjoying cookies, ice cream, or even cupcakes while looking out on a small portion of Philadelphia. You can also take Cookie Confidential with you, in fine packaging, and explore the city. Anyway, you would like it; Cookie Confidential deserves your attention.

The Taste

I have been to Cookie Confidential many times in my life. I would find out about Cookie Confidential from a relative. He would mention they would carry cheese steak, spicy and even hot dog cookies. It deserves my attention.

In my first visit, I would try two different items. I would taste a sample of ice cream. Do you enjoy vanilla, chocolate or even chocolate chip mint ice cream? Are you ready for Roasted Tomato Ice Cream? The sample mixes a strong, sweet, and creamy vanilla base with a subtle taste of roasted flavor and tomato, which works well.

While this was different, Cookie Confidential has so much more. I would purchase Chipotle Chocolate Chip cookies. These cookies use a sweet, crisp cookie to hide a spicy secret.

With the first bite, The Chipotle Chocolate Chip cookie blends what starts as sweet with a spicy taste that makes this cookie the perfect blend of sweet, hearty and hot.

On a second visit, I would enjoy a second sample of ice cream. The blend of Mole Chocolate Sauce, the well-known Mexican treat, and ice cream takes regular ice cream to another level. The deep flavor of rich chocolate excels with the spicy flavor in this cold delicious treat.

I would purchase two types of cookies. I would enjoy the Chocolate Chip cookie. The chewy cookie with melting chocolate blends in your mouth and makes your stomach happy. I would also enjoy the Maple Bacon Oatmeal cookie that uses a firm, sweet and smoky texture to give you a cookie that is both delectable and new.

In The End

Cookie Confidential offers the ability for us all to learn something new. Cookie Confidential combines many flavors into new and unique treats we might not expect. In most cases, Cookie Confidential offers some very enjoyable desserts. In other cases, Cookie Confidential presents us with an opportunity to explore new flavors in different ways.


The fall is the warming season. It is the time just before you envelop your body with gloves, winter jackets, and hats. This is a time for hearty foods, or fare, to remind you of home, in this case three reminders. The Popcorn and Nut cookie reminds me of the holidays. The flavorful, crunchy texture and light, touch of popcorn create a soft cookie with your heart in mind.

This Chocolate Chip Cookie continues as a mainstay sweet, savory, and delightful, for any celebration. The Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookie lures you with silky, smooth peanut butter, subtly, heats your senses, and beats back any chill in the fall, or the coming winter. Cookie Confidential continues a tradition, of solid cookies and a new definition of taste, for any season.

You can visit Cookie Confidential’s site, at http://cookieconfidential.com/index.html. You can see their selection of treats; order treats online and can become a fan of great new tastes. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm to 8pm.

The restaurant’s ice cream, in flavors like Strawberry Black Pepper, Eggnog, or Honey Peach, is available at Cookie Confidential, but is from Foam Floaterie. Visit their website at http://www.foamfloaterie.com/. Sample the sweet, but piquant taste of the Foam Floaterie’s Mole Chocolate Ice Cream Sample, along with any other ice cream flavors, or samples, at Cookie Confidential.

Update 2/2/2015

Check the local Whole Foods, for your favorite cookie selections.

Cookie Confidential 2 by W1totalk

Tony Luke’s Gets Bigger

Liscio's Bakery Roll. American Cheese, Fried Onions and Beef Steak by Tony Luke's, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.
Liscio’s Bakery Roll. American Cheese, Fried Onions and Beef Steak by Tony Luke’s, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

This place doesn’t need advertisement. However, it requires more exposure. When you’re dealing with accessibility, and the precision, of a particular way, you want it, and get what you deserve, in Tony Luke’s. I mean this place has a very special way. I didn’t understand until I visited the location, at 39 East Oregon Avenue.

You get in. You view that menu, with numerous options. Place your order, sit, and get great taste, in a moment’s notice. It might be Italian Roast Pork, on a long roll, with Broccoli Rabe, the Cheese Steak or some other delectable item, or food combination.

I got the Roast Pork. I have to say it took a long time, to find a place outside of Philadelphia that delivered the taste I expected. The imagined sandwich, on a long roll, with great cuts of roast pork, given a rich, special bath in gracious and loving gravy, that’s not heavily salted, weighed on my mind. The dream became a reality thanks to Tony Luke’s. I tried other places, outside the city. There are tastes, and flavors, that are good, but they didn’t deliver on my expectations.

I did the same thing with the Cheese Steak. I discovered true beef, and cheese, on a great roll, with all the special extras, through Tony Luke’s. When I tasted it, it really was about the place, and time, the savory combination, of the fresh roll and well-prepared beef, and cheese, with a personal satisfaction, for what I wanted at that time.

Really, that’s what Tony Luke’s expansion, outside of South Philadelphia, is about. When you capture a personal taste, flavor, and method to distribute it, to the world, as it is, it’s a special thing. It can be about the people you meet at Tony Luke’s. You may take on a memorable challenge, while at the restaurant. You may have great conversations, at the restaurant, or conversations, that aren’t important.

Know what Tony Luke’s is. This restaurant gives you what you want, in Philadelphia. Now you get what you want in Warminster, two weeks from this piece’s publication. You can get it in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Florida, or even Bahrain. You get what you want, and it’s good.

The Tony Luke's Way comes to Warminster, Pennsylvania
The Tony Luke’s Way comes to Warminster, Pennsylvania
Chicken cheese steak like no other, by Tony Luke’s.

Dogtown Introduces You To The Necessary

by W1totalk  All rights belong to Dogtown 2014
by W1totalk
All rights belong to Dogtown, of Colmar, Pennsylvania, 2014

I will try not to advertise. It’s easy to just pick a companion. You share a lifetime, theirs, and yours, and only really want a few things. You want a reliable buddy, want a place that knows dogs, a place to get your new, best friend, reliable information on the buddy, the food, and toys they enjoy, and in this case cats too. Dogtown is bigger. If you didn’t know before, it is the one place to take your dog, safely to be taken care of, over vacation, trips, etc. 

You get a place that offers a premium grade of grooming. This is also the home of its own store, at 252 Bethlehem Pike. They have merchandise, cleaning products, food, toys, and information, on all adoptions, along with a lovely fragrance. Did I mention this is a place to get rescue dogs? You can also get cats, as of recently, but through another organization.

I forgot if you just want to walk dogs, or play with cats, on the weekend, or weekday, that need a little attention, it’s a perfect spot. It’s a great place to check out, and is a safe place to understand your current, or new companion, just a little better.

I enjoy their service, every so often, in the form of hanging with rescue, or daycare dogs. They enjoy walks. It means just getting slobber on your face. There are guys, and gals, of all shapes and sizes. There are opportunities to help.  You have many things you can do to help at Dogtown, if you ask. It all helps to make a dog’s, cat’s, or person’s lifetime that much better. Ask Jennifer Joseph, or any of the staff. Visit Dogtown. Stay for puppy slobber, the right dog essentials, or help where you can. It’s always a good choice for good, and new, companions, yet to come.