Did the Philadelphia Eagles Watch the Temple Owls during the bye week? Let’s Hope So.

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Could Matt Rhule and Chip Kelly have dinners and meet as coaches in the city Philadelphia? I only hope. I actually hope all of the coaches of every team, professional, or collegiate, meet in some way or form to build on one another. The loss Temple University took against Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish says something. First, they set a template for what to establish and what to beware of against the Fighting Irish for other teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They also showed the city what true spirit in a team means and what a real squad does. Thomas Jahad looked like he left it all on the field. P.J. Walker put it all on the line. Matakevich, Chandler, Avery Williams, every Owl put it out there and accepted the results. This next week you know this team will give Southern Methodists University all they can take and more.

The only question is, and not to overshadow Temple’s role in this city, can the Philadelphia Eagles learn from Temple University’s example? You take what you do well. Know your talent. Use it. Build on it. Continue to build on it and let it all hang out for a whole season as an unmitigated unit. I feel like the Philadelphia Eagles are better than fans and even media can project. The problem seems to be the identity the team presents. It needs this kind of character, well at least the Eagle’s offense does.

You watch Temple University and their stout defense cause any team problems. Their offense has a place to excel. Walker scrambles and passes well. Thomas runs hard and punishes opposing defenses. A certain blend between Thomas and Armstead might cause teams more problems. I definitely would love to see a double reverse play action pass or flea flicker from this team against teams that put too much pressure on the offensive line. Temple University is solid and is on their way to a bowl game. This team just has to continue to build on this effort and win out.

I just wish the Philadelphia Eagles would take this use of heart, soul, and effort by Temple University and make their team work, every week, the way your talent and scheme, best used, permit. Thank you Temple Owls for bringing back a consistency and fight that this city needs to witness. 

Learn more about Temple University’s Owls at http://www.owlsports.com/.

Chip Kelly, as a whole, is to blame for the Philadelphia Eagles 1-3, or 2-2, Start

I want to put a picture here, but this guy annoys me so much.



I do not care if this team is 1-3, or 2-2, after today, Chip Kelly, general manager and head coach, is to blame for this team’s poor start. First, who is the f*** do you think you are. They deserve the record they get. It is not that Chip Kelly is not talented but he is arrogant and stubborn in how he utilizes his team. You cannot fit a DeMarco Murray in a LeSean McCoy skin. I had to say that.

It is not that talent, youth, and so many other aspects related to team unity highlight the issues with the team. The team seems to be operating in a way where they run the plays and simply perform but are already out of sync, cannot perform certain plays just yet, or are unprepared mentally to perform for a whole game. Even more so, the offensive plays being called do not help the offensive talent on the field. The defensive plays, especially, in the secondary, have these corners and safeties, play very far off of the other team’s receivers and tight ends. The team’s defensive line puts pressure on other teams but does not finish off quarterbacks. If a quarterback sees there is pressure but enough of a window to pass that still permits an opposing quarterback to get into a rhythm.

In one half of a game, on offense, the team seems to be on their heals, on all sides, and another half of the game they catch up and play like they should have for a whole game. The defense plays well but lapses as a defense should if they play most of the game. So what do you do? In the most positive way, the Philadelphia Eagles are only 1-3, or 2-2, and can still beat the other teams in their division from here on. They could even sweep the New York Giants. The reality is there are four major issues at least.

1. The concern is out of four games there seems to be both an arrogance and stubbornness in both the general manager, head coach, and coaching staff to only do what is run. Eagles’ players that should be in on certain plays are in on plays that do not suit them. It seems like DeMarco Murray participates in running plays meant for him to cut and speed around the edge of the offensive line. He is a larger player and a power runner. He needs a hole and simply needs to power up the field directly in front of him creatively. In most of those sweeping plays, it could be better to use Ryan Mathews or Darren Sproles, in order to throw off defenses. On defense, there is pressure on the quarterback but there is no one to finish. It seems like while this is a good defensive line, none of the players know how to finish their plays with a sack, knockdown, or turnover. This is what makes me miss Trent Cole. The scheme itself, on both sides, takes too much precedence.

2. It seems like the players that should be on the field on offense, and sometimes on defense, are not prepared in general to be on the field. The Eagles have played a number teams that have run plays where receivers catch the ball on crossing routes. The Atlanta Falcons did it. I think the Dallas Cowboys did it and they used slant routes. How come the Philadelphia Eagles were not prepared for these plays against the Washington Redskins? The offensive line has its problems, but the team also seems to be calling plays where either the talent on the field is either unable, or unprepared for what the opposing teams’ offense will call, at times.

3. The team has no balance as a whole. I almost believe, though the Eagles running game is missing, that there should be a running game by committee every game. It just seems like a waste of talent to not model the passing game around a creative running game every game. I think the Philadelphia Eagles receivers have talent, but they need a hand to get started. I think the offense overall needs the most basic setup to start for the sake of continuity. The shotgun while good does not set the team up for an easy way to get rushing yards. If anything, it tires out the offensive line. Use more plays from under center, with the shotgun, in order to establish a rhythm in the running game and simplify the blocking scheme. Use all three backs in a balance, every game, and the team can find the play action pass.

4. While talent may be lacking, it does not excuse the team’s performance. In all of these games, up to this point in the season, many analysts and people believe the Philadelphia Eagles are not a good team. This might be true but the team has to play a few whole games. It just seems like there has to be more content to look at. The team can run more basic plays in order to get to the fancier plays. There was a great catch by Nelson Agholor in today’s Washington game. Immediately after that, Chip Kelly ran a double reverse, with the same player. Why not use the running backs you have, get the wide receiver rest, and have your team attack the opposition differently?

I saw this game as a win for an Eagles’ team with a heavy running game and, from the run, play action passing to simplify this game and not allow a close game. The Eagles actually stuttered on offense to start. The Washington Redskins offense actually played a little up tempo. The Eagles defense was unprepared and already exhausted. This offense showed signs of life but Washington was already up 13 to 0 and their defense was confident by the end of the second half of the game. These Eagles finally played the second half. I actually stopped watching the game at that point. I jogged. The Eagles found signs of life from what I had heard on the radio. However, it was the same problem. The Eagles offense has no continuity or identity. It is like they’re trying on different clothes and trying to find what fits but should already have their outfits. The defense seemed like they had to come to the field with the idea that they were going to play the whole game. The team allowed certain plays because they were exhausted and could lapse. It just seems like with the talent on the team, the positive and negative aspects of that talent evaluated, the different schemes, and a real game plan, this team should be better.

It is clear that Chip Kelly does not know his talent. Chip Kelly relies too much on scheme over use of talent. Bill Davis does not seem to always use his talent in the right way at important places in the game. I look at the Eagles defense not as great but they can be really solid. They invest so much in technique and scheme though.

While it may be a bad thing to consider, Kelly did get a number of offensive lineman in the NFL Draft. Someone has to be more prepared to run this scheme that is not already to hurt. The team needs discipline. The team needs to get older more quickly. This s*** needs to get in sync. There are open receivers and the quarterback does not throw it or is under pressure too many times. The defense is almost good enough. It just seems like the Eagles are not ready to play these games and are learning as they go along in the game. There is so much wrong within glimmers of hope. I picked them to be 12-4 but they could be 8-8. Chip Kelly use your talent as it’s presented and not how it could be. Get off your high horse you arrogant mother.

Chip Kelly’s System and Not Have It Your Way in 2015

DeSean Jackson at Jacksonville at Philadelphia 2009-08-29 By Wigstruck
DeSean Jackson at Jacksonville at Philadelphia 2009-08-29
By Wigstruck

This is more a rant than an article. I am of the belief that Chip Kelly’s years should simply play out. He should have the time to establish his system in the way he wants. After his results, this city will know just what Chip Kelly brought. All of this is about what Chip Kelly wants. Not Desean, Lesean or Boykins. I have had many bosses. In some sense, they put in place a method and tactic to get their businesses to produce the results they can accept. You want something and you want it when you want it, and the way you want it. No more, no less.

This means that whatever it takes to get that business to the final goal they will do it. Everything, up to this point, with Chip Kelly seems very goal oriented in that way.

You get rid of Desean Jackson. I always believed he could be a healthier version of the Baltimore Ravens Steve Smith, Senior. He gains some pounds, but still knows the weight necessary to maintain his speed. Desean adds certain catch techniques and route control methods to his arsenal and he becomes a different player. Desean did not do this.

Lesean has skill beyond skill. However, the moment he stopped trying hit certain holes, in major games, he lost that special something. Boykins was a necessary piece for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, in a division with taller receivers, Boykins has to be that man, on every down. Boykins can cover receivers and play. Height gives him a greater disadvantage.

However, the every down man he is not. He may coat the Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant three of four plays, but that fact is he has to be that man all four plays, of every down, and every game.

Do not get me wrong. Brandon Boykins is a beast. He just is not the particular beast that Chip Kelly wants. Chip Kelly is trying to carve out his team just as he likes. That is what all of this is.

Plain and simple. No matter the cost. All the talk with Boykins, Desean, Lesean, and it amazes no one wonders why Nick Foles is no longer with the team. I think it is something that started during the Saturday Wildcard Weekend, in 2014, at http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000309293/article/new-orleans-saints-beat-eagles-for-road-playoff-win.

Nick Foles was blazing hot going into the wild card playoffs. At that point, the New Orleans Saints found a method to stutter Nick Foles’ psyche. The next season, all the teams on the Philadelphia Eagles schedule played Nick Foles differently. He had to be able to work through this and see different paths, with strategies, to make teams further adjust to the Eagles on the field.

Instead, you almost can observe Nick Foles final season in Philadelphia as one where he was trying to figure out what he was seeing on the field. I believe that is why Nick Foles is not here. I still believe he is beyond a good quarterback, given time.

Chip Kelly does not work like that. You have Sam Bradford who gets the ball out, period. We get to see what happens. I believe it will all be on the receivers. It will be a question of how well they catch the ball, in every situation. I cannot forget Riley Cooper. He is 6’4”. You cannot teach height even with a controversial character. However, if a new core defines itself, without Cooper, he will no longer be the Philadelphia Eagle’s worry.

The defense looks to bond. Man, but if they bond, and come together? The offensive line needs to find their united skill and attitude. Special teams can continue consistency. I hope it is a positive consistency contaminates the whole team like a retrovirus. That will be the Philadelphia Eagles’ season. It seems like it will be fun.

I just wish it could play out, without controversy, and simply on its own merit. This teams looks to be really good.

Tastykake Glazed Chocolate Pie is Real

Tastykake Chocolate Glazed Pie by W1totalk
Tastykake Chocolate Glazed Pie by W1totalk

In the past, Hostess would carry many well-known pies. They would carry a variety of flavors, like apple, lemon and even pudding fillings, and all with icing or glaze, that were popular.

As a young boy, I would invariably find them exceptional and always available in stores. Today, Hostess pies are harder to find. The Wal-Mart website has been my first exposure, recently, to the scarce snack pies. Have no fear though; Tastykake has a solution.

But first:

1) What treats do you wish stores would still carry in abundance?

When I would first receive a Hostess Chocolate Pudding Pie, I found it exceptional. I did not, and do not, really eat pudding. However, I found, once you wrap that pudding in a pie shell, with icing or glaze, that pudding becomes exceptional.

It is only recently that Hostess would come back from bankruptcy. While I had gotten older, my sweet tooth would remain pie driven.

Enter the Tastykake Chocolate Pie, with real cocoa. They have a variety of pie flavors, including lemon, apple, cherry and chocolate. The Chocolate Pie would excite me the most.

It is weighty. The pie differs from traditional Tastykake Pies, in a personal carton. Tastykake’s new pie comes in a vivid, dense, cocoa wrapper.

The Taste

I must apologize ahead of time to Hostess. I would open my first Hostess Chocolate Pudding pie and hold it in my hands.

I remember the pie crust and pudding would crumble in my hands almost instantly.

The Hostess Pie was good but I remember Hostess Pies, overall, for having an abundance of filling or for a pie shell that could not hold the filling.

I am a fan of dense, heavy crust, especially if the pie filling is in overabundance.

Tastykake represents this idea best. I would open the Tastykake pie’s packaging to find a solid dessert.

I would move the hearty pastry between my hands but it would not fall apart.

This Tastykake Pie only comes apart when you are ready.

Inside the thick shell, a rich, almost, milk chocolate pudding waits. This combination of thick, sweet butter crust, glaze and lovable, rich milk chocolate pudding makes this pastry very different from Hostess’ product.

In The End

In passing these pies, in the store, I would mistake Tastykake’s new pies for Hostess pies.

These new pies taste much better, from memory, in my opinion.

I have to admit, I ate one other flavor previously.

Instead of writing a review on it, I would like you to taste the other new Tastykake pies and come to your own decision on the product.

Pick one up in the store. Pick up the Hostess pies in certain stores. You can compare the flavors.

In defense of Tastykake, I will say you can expect the heft of the new pie to prepare you for the great taste inside the packaging.

Find out more about the new Tastykake Chocolate Pudding Pie, other pies and products, at http://www.tastykake.com/products/pies.

Glazed Chocolate Pie in Package by W1totalk
Glazed Chocolate Pie in Package by W1totalk

In The Night Kitchen Bakery of Chestnut Hill?

The Jumble at The Night Kitchen Bakery by W1totalk
The Jumble at The Night Kitchen Bakery by W1totalk

During my visit to The Night Kitchen Bakery, they presented the best of any sweet dessert or dish in its most natural form. I visited the business with one intention, to get a small lunch and soothe a desired need for the bakery’s cookies. The business, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 7725 Germantown Avenue, presented natural meals and desserts done well.

I have not tried the brownies, sticky buns, wedding or regular cakes. They enticed me with their rich chocolate, sticky, sweet, honey, and regal looks. I tried the cookies.

The cookies, I noticed, carried their own theme. The Jumble, a combination of chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, nuts and, I believe, oatmeal, will have your needs met. The Poppy seed cookies are saccharine, crunchy, and delectable.

During my visit, I tried a Strata and different cookies, specifically, one set of cookies called Sandy Feet. Strata, a combination of bacon, cheddar, and eggs served with fruit or mixed green salad called me home. It turned out Strata was a slice of fine quiche but with more layers. The eggs, bacon, and cheese morphed into a light and savory pie.

The fruit, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes, tasted fresh picked.

The Night Kitchen Bakery presented a robust taste. With a cordial staff and a quaint and clean business, Night Kitchen Bakery’s standards are high.

Sandy feet, when I think about it, reminded me of something in a prayer related email. These Sandy Feet are not holy feet, as mentioned in the email. They are cookies cut into small feet. They were thick but had a light crumbled texture.

Their sweet taste, covered with either cinnamon sugar or a combination of light spice and a sugar sweet blend, raised the cookies to another level. If you smell the underside of these cookies, they stink, of Parmesan cheese.

I also tasted the cookies called Jumbles. I considered them small mountains of flavor, which are moist, nutty, sweetly centered, and wholesome. I finally tried The Poppy Seed cookies, which are sweet, smooth, simple, but classic.

Night Kitchen Bakery presented, in my eyes, a wonderful business idea with good taste.

Night Kitchen Bakery, in existence for 25 years, served great cookies and fine food. The Night Kitchen Bakery, a staple of Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, took the necessary steps to make their business more environmentally conscience. Amy Beth Edelman and John Millard own the bakery.

Find more information on The Night Kitchen Bakery at http://www.nightkitchenbakery.com/.

You can also find more information on their available cakes, custom cakes, tarts, café items and their Thanksgiving barrage of dessert pies and treats, everything from Cranberry Almond Cake, Blueberry Almond Tarts or Double Crust Apple, Apple Crumble or Pumpkin Pie.

Cookie Confidential Presents the Good Differences

Cookie Confidential 1 by W1totalk

The differences make us unique. In taste, person number one may like sweeter foods while someone else might enjoy sour foods more. Every eatery, restaurant, or boutique offers different foods for different people. Cookie Confidential offers a different taste in cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream and this is a very good thing.


1) What restaurant or eatery would you visit and find surprising?

Please comment below.

Melissa Torre discovers she wants something different in her desserts. She wants a different taste in brittle, she creates Black market Brittle, in cupcakes, she creates Undercover Cupcakes, and even in her cookies, she creates Cookie Confidential.

As it mentions on the website, she uses natural, organic ingredients, professional experience, as a restaurant manager, bartender, and creativity to bring her eatery, Cookie Confidential, to Society Hill, and South Street, with passion and authority. If you visit the company’s Facebook page, Twitter page or even search for the company online, Cookie Confidential offers good quality products many enjoy.

The Setup

On the edge of South Street,at 517 South 5th Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cookie Confidential welcomes customers into its massive space. Inside Cookie Confidential, pristine cookie jars, large glass display cases, with desserts well lit and ready for consumption, and great customer service await everyone who enters.

You have the options of sitting in and enjoying a conversation while drinking milkshakes, enjoying cookies, ice cream, or even cupcakes while looking out on a small portion of Philadelphia. You can also take Cookie Confidential with you, in fine packaging, and explore the city. Anyway, you would like it; Cookie Confidential deserves your attention.

The Taste

I have been to Cookie Confidential many times in my life. I would find out about Cookie Confidential from a relative. He would mention they would carry cheese steak, spicy and even hot dog cookies. It deserves my attention.

In my first visit, I would try two different items. I would taste a sample of ice cream. Do you enjoy vanilla, chocolate or even chocolate chip mint ice cream? Are you ready for Roasted Tomato Ice Cream? The sample mixes a strong, sweet, and creamy vanilla base with a subtle taste of roasted flavor and tomato, which works well.

While this was different, Cookie Confidential has so much more. I would purchase Chipotle Chocolate Chip cookies. These cookies use a sweet, crisp cookie to hide a spicy secret.

With the first bite, The Chipotle Chocolate Chip cookie blends what starts as sweet with a spicy taste that makes this cookie the perfect blend of sweet, hearty and hot.

On a second visit, I would enjoy a second sample of ice cream. The blend of Mole Chocolate Sauce, the well-known Mexican treat, and ice cream takes regular ice cream to another level. The deep flavor of rich chocolate excels with the spicy flavor in this cold delicious treat.

I would purchase two types of cookies. I would enjoy the Chocolate Chip cookie. The chewy cookie with melting chocolate blends in your mouth and makes your stomach happy. I would also enjoy the Maple Bacon Oatmeal cookie that uses a firm, sweet and smoky texture to give you a cookie that is both delectable and new.

In The End

Cookie Confidential offers the ability for us all to learn something new. Cookie Confidential combines many flavors into new and unique treats we might not expect. In most cases, Cookie Confidential offers some very enjoyable desserts. In other cases, Cookie Confidential presents us with an opportunity to explore new flavors in different ways.


The fall is the warming season. It is the time just before you envelop your body with gloves, winter jackets, and hats. This is a time for hearty foods, or fare, to remind you of home, in this case three reminders. The Popcorn and Nut cookie reminds me of the holidays. The flavorful, crunchy texture and light, touch of popcorn create a soft cookie with your heart in mind.

This Chocolate Chip Cookie continues as a mainstay sweet, savory, and delightful, for any celebration. The Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookie lures you with silky, smooth peanut butter, subtly, heats your senses, and beats back any chill in the fall, or the coming winter. Cookie Confidential continues a tradition, of solid cookies and a new definition of taste, for any season.

You can visit Cookie Confidential’s site, at http://cookieconfidential.com/index.html. You can see their selection of treats; order treats online and can become a fan of great new tastes. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm to 8pm.

The restaurant’s ice cream, in flavors like Strawberry Black Pepper, Eggnog, or Honey Peach, is available at Cookie Confidential, but is from Foam Floaterie. Visit their website at http://www.foamfloaterie.com/. Sample the sweet, but piquant taste of the Foam Floaterie’s Mole Chocolate Ice Cream Sample, along with any other ice cream flavors, or samples, at Cookie Confidential.

Update 2/2/2015

Check the local Whole Foods, for your favorite cookie selections.

Cookie Confidential 2 by W1totalk

Tony Luke’s Gets Bigger

Liscio's Bakery Roll. American Cheese, Fried Onions and Beef Steak by Tony Luke's, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.
Liscio’s Bakery Roll. American Cheese, Fried Onions and Beef Steak by Tony Luke’s, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

This place doesn’t need advertisement. However, it requires more exposure. When you’re dealing with accessibility, and the precision, of a particular way, you want it, and get what you deserve, in Tony Luke’s. I mean this place has a very special way. I didn’t understand until I visited the location, at 39 East Oregon Avenue.

You get in. You view that menu, with numerous options. Place your order, sit, and get great taste, in a moment’s notice. It might be Italian Roast Pork, on a long roll, with Broccoli Rabe, the Cheese Steak or some other delectable item, or food combination.

I got the Roast Pork. I have to say it took a long time, to find a place outside of Philadelphia that delivered the taste I expected. The imagined sandwich, on a long roll, with great cuts of roast pork, given a rich, special bath in gracious and loving gravy, that’s not heavily salted, weighed on my mind. The dream became a reality thanks to Tony Luke’s. I tried other places, outside the city. There are tastes, and flavors, that are good, but they didn’t deliver on my expectations.

I did the same thing with the Cheese Steak. I discovered true beef, and cheese, on a great roll, with all the special extras, through Tony Luke’s. When I tasted it, it really was about the place, and time, the savory combination, of the fresh roll and well-prepared beef, and cheese, with a personal satisfaction, for what I wanted at that time.

Really, that’s what Tony Luke’s expansion, outside of South Philadelphia, is about. When you capture a personal taste, flavor, and method to distribute it, to the world, as it is, it’s a special thing. It can be about the people you meet at Tony Luke’s. You may take on a memorable challenge, while at the restaurant. You may have great conversations, at the restaurant, or conversations, that aren’t important.

Know what Tony Luke’s is. This restaurant gives you what you want, in Philadelphia. Now you get what you want in Warminster, two weeks from this piece’s publication. You can get it in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Florida, or even Bahrain. You get what you want, and it’s good.

The Tony Luke's Way comes to Warminster, Pennsylvania
The Tony Luke’s Way comes to Warminster, Pennsylvania
Chicken cheese steak like no other, by Tony Luke’s.