Homestead Coffee Roasters Provides Great Tastes

By Kris Krug (kris krüg Member since 2004)
By Kris Krug (kris krüg Member since 2004, and from Flickr)

Homestead Coffee Roasters, LLC, at 1650 Bridgeton Hill Road, in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, is a surprising business. They got me to drink coffee and consider embracing coffee over a lifetime. This is how they did it.

They specialize in coffee preparation, roasting and even presentation. What many do not know is the quality of the restaurant, food preparation and the dining service, available in this small, but heartfelt place, is phenomenal.

If you were from Upper Black Eddy you probably already would visit, or are would frequent the business as a customer of Homestead Coffee Roasters. The way I would like to present this restaurant is a home, away from home, for anyone outside of the area of Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.

On a nice day, it is a joy to eat outdoors with great trees, brush, and a lovely, lake view, in the distance. If you wish to eat indoors, you sit in a quaint, dining room fit for a pleasant conversation, a romantic evening, meeting new friends, or traditional family dining.

I visited this place on a fishing trip in Upper Black Eddy. The outside of the restaurant represents a rustic and pleasant dining establishment. You stay inside, your creative mind and nostrils swell with the aromatic scents of the varied roast coffee blends.

You stay inside the staff stands ready with smiles and service to fill your empty stomach, and place any order for food that whets your appetite. In this case, I would order a short stack of pancakes, three strips of pork, bacon and an excellent cup of coffee, simply known at the Ringing Rocks Roast.

I have to admit I normally do not like coffee. This customer is just am not a usual coffee drinker. I can drink it, but no coffee has really overcome my senses, until now. However, I will get to that later.

The pancakes are a piece of heaven. The short stack is two golden brown pancakes that fill a massive plate. Each cake is so fluffy, supports the richness of true fresh butter, and mixes with light, sweet, but present syrup to melt in your mouth and fill your stomach. The pork bacon is good. It is fresh, not greasy but is meaty but lean.

The coffee, the Ringing Rocks Roast, is light, sweet with sugar and half-and-half, creamy, smooth, not bitter but blissful. When a friend told me about the coffee, I had my previous perceptions and interactions with coffee, in my mind, blown away.

This was an amazing experience along with the beauty of Upper Black Eddy, on a luminous day. If you combine, all of these elements with a fast and accommodating staff, Homestead Coffee Roasters becomes the place to visit, if you are in the neighborhood.

If you come to this part of Pennsylvania, want order food for takeout, in the area, or want to take in a beautiful collision of nature and quality cuisine, come visit Homestead Coffee Roasters. You can also order the amazing blends online, at their home website. Come try this home away from home.

Homestead Coffee Roasters is a family business founded by Rick Lewis, owner, and roast master. He started Homestead General Store in 1979. He transformed Homestead General Store with his family, and Michael Lewis, the other roast master, into Homestead Coffee Roasters. It now offers a general store, a restaurant, and a place to acquire quality roasted and import coffees either in the restaurant, or online. You can visit their website at,

Michael Lewis Presents Homestead Coffee Roasters

Tony Luke’s Gets Bigger

Liscio's Bakery Roll. American Cheese, Fried Onions and Beef Steak by Tony Luke's, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.
Liscio’s Bakery Roll. American Cheese, Fried Onions and Beef Steak by Tony Luke’s, in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

This place doesn’t need advertisement. However, it requires more exposure. When you’re dealing with accessibility, and the precision, of a particular way, you want it, and get what you deserve, in Tony Luke’s. I mean this place has a very special way. I didn’t understand until I visited the location, at 39 East Oregon Avenue.

You get in. You view that menu, with numerous options. Place your order, sit, and get great taste, in a moment’s notice. It might be Italian Roast Pork, on a long roll, with Broccoli Rabe, the Cheese Steak or some other delectable item, or food combination.

I got the Roast Pork. I have to say it took a long time, to find a place outside of Philadelphia that delivered the taste I expected. The imagined sandwich, on a long roll, with great cuts of roast pork, given a rich, special bath in gracious and loving gravy, that’s not heavily salted, weighed on my mind. The dream became a reality thanks to Tony Luke’s. I tried other places, outside the city. There are tastes, and flavors, that are good, but they didn’t deliver on my expectations.

I did the same thing with the Cheese Steak. I discovered true beef, and cheese, on a great roll, with all the special extras, through Tony Luke’s. When I tasted it, it really was about the place, and time, the savory combination, of the fresh roll and well-prepared beef, and cheese, with a personal satisfaction, for what I wanted at that time.

Really, that’s what Tony Luke’s expansion, outside of South Philadelphia, is about. When you capture a personal taste, flavor, and method to distribute it, to the world, as it is, it’s a special thing. It can be about the people you meet at Tony Luke’s. You may take on a memorable challenge, while at the restaurant. You may have great conversations, at the restaurant, or conversations, that aren’t important.

Know what Tony Luke’s is. This restaurant gives you what you want, in Philadelphia. Now you get what you want in Warminster, two weeks from this piece’s publication. You can get it in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Florida, or even Bahrain. You get what you want, and it’s good.

The Tony Luke's Way comes to Warminster, Pennsylvania
The Tony Luke’s Way comes to Warminster, Pennsylvania
Chicken cheese steak like no other, by Tony Luke’s.