There Is Love In This

by (Bubinator)
by (Bubinator)

I found myself in a place yesterday. Not in the arms of an amorous woman, but in the face of reality, versus how we move forward in life. A great woman, and friend, fought for her life this past Valentine’s Day. I want to pose this so as not meant for me, but for a greater purpose. In life, you can only battle so many things within the time you are given. She fought, and faced life, realistically. It took an ending period, the snatcher of life, and the cold reality of time’s end to see her go.

I could only think that this was not fair. It’s not that life should not end, or even it should conclude perfectly. What is not fair is the unpredictable nature of our existence, when it all comes down to it. One day, you can be feeling great and on the verge of greatness. It only takes that other day to bring you to a precipice. It might not be “the one”. It can be hard times, or difficulty, but there is also “the one”, in which you face a conclusion, sometimes not your own way.

You have no control. Machines can preserve life for some time, or nature can see your life extended, for a period, but when it is your time to go, that’s it. You might leave a stove on, you could be driving a vehicle, you might look forward to exchanging words with someone, or even simply take a nap. It is the conclusion.

There is, however, a deterrent. Life cannot continue with the person, who has passed. It’s in the others. The friends, a brother, a mother, or a sister. Something and someone set in place to show what you have done in this life to influence everyone around you. Whatever you have done, or wanted to do, is no longer important. It becomes what have they done? Where are they going? Whose lives are they changing?

At the start of life, it takes love, or caring, to open eyes, and open a place to learn. Once you learn, you make changes, and sometimes, unknowingly, influence others. Life continues on, and on, it seems, in this way. That’s what I could finally see yesterday, but it hurt badly up to that point. In my personal opinion, I felt I had seen this happen before a number of times. It doesn’t change the finality of it. What you do see is how wonderful people, after a life, take what you have given them, and run with it.