Did the Philadelphia Eagles Watch the Temple Owls during the bye week? Let’s Hope So.

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Could Matt Rhule and Chip Kelly have dinners and meet as coaches in the city Philadelphia? I only hope. I actually hope all of the coaches of every team, professional, or collegiate, meet in some way or form to build on one another. The loss Temple University took against Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish says something. First, they set a template for what to establish and what to beware of against the Fighting Irish for other teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They also showed the city what true spirit in a team means and what a real squad does. Thomas Jahad looked like he left it all on the field. P.J. Walker put it all on the line. Matakevich, Chandler, Avery Williams, every Owl put it out there and accepted the results. This next week you know this team will give Southern Methodists University all they can take and more.

The only question is, and not to overshadow Temple’s role in this city, can the Philadelphia Eagles learn from Temple University’s example? You take what you do well. Know your talent. Use it. Build on it. Continue to build on it and let it all hang out for a whole season as an unmitigated unit. I feel like the Philadelphia Eagles are better than fans and even media can project. The problem seems to be the identity the team presents. It needs this kind of character, well at least the Eagle’s offense does.

You watch Temple University and their stout defense cause any team problems. Their offense has a place to excel. Walker scrambles and passes well. Thomas runs hard and punishes opposing defenses. A certain blend between Thomas and Armstead might cause teams more problems. I definitely would love to see a double reverse play action pass or flea flicker from this team against teams that put too much pressure on the offensive line. Temple University is solid and is on their way to a bowl game. This team just has to continue to build on this effort and win out.

I just wish the Philadelphia Eagles would take this use of heart, soul, and effort by Temple University and make their team work, every week, the way your talent and scheme, best used, permit. Thank you Temple Owls for bringing back a consistency and fight that this city needs to witness. 

Learn more about Temple University’s Owls at http://www.owlsports.com/.

Chip Kelly’s System and Not Have It Your Way in 2015

DeSean Jackson at Jacksonville at Philadelphia 2009-08-29 By Wigstruck
DeSean Jackson at Jacksonville at Philadelphia 2009-08-29
By Wigstruck

This is more a rant than an article. I am of the belief that Chip Kelly’s years should simply play out. He should have the time to establish his system in the way he wants. After his results, this city will know just what Chip Kelly brought. All of this is about what Chip Kelly wants. Not Desean, Lesean or Boykins. I have had many bosses. In some sense, they put in place a method and tactic to get their businesses to produce the results they can accept. You want something and you want it when you want it, and the way you want it. No more, no less.

This means that whatever it takes to get that business to the final goal they will do it. Everything, up to this point, with Chip Kelly seems very goal oriented in that way.

You get rid of Desean Jackson. I always believed he could be a healthier version of the Baltimore Ravens Steve Smith, Senior. He gains some pounds, but still knows the weight necessary to maintain his speed. Desean adds certain catch techniques and route control methods to his arsenal and he becomes a different player. Desean did not do this.

Lesean has skill beyond skill. However, the moment he stopped trying hit certain holes, in major games, he lost that special something. Boykins was a necessary piece for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, in a division with taller receivers, Boykins has to be that man, on every down. Boykins can cover receivers and play. Height gives him a greater disadvantage.

However, the every down man he is not. He may coat the Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant three of four plays, but that fact is he has to be that man all four plays, of every down, and every game.

Do not get me wrong. Brandon Boykins is a beast. He just is not the particular beast that Chip Kelly wants. Chip Kelly is trying to carve out his team just as he likes. That is what all of this is.

Plain and simple. No matter the cost. All the talk with Boykins, Desean, Lesean, and it amazes no one wonders why Nick Foles is no longer with the team. I think it is something that started during the Saturday Wildcard Weekend, in 2014, at http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000309293/article/new-orleans-saints-beat-eagles-for-road-playoff-win.

Nick Foles was blazing hot going into the wild card playoffs. At that point, the New Orleans Saints found a method to stutter Nick Foles’ psyche. The next season, all the teams on the Philadelphia Eagles schedule played Nick Foles differently. He had to be able to work through this and see different paths, with strategies, to make teams further adjust to the Eagles on the field.

Instead, you almost can observe Nick Foles final season in Philadelphia as one where he was trying to figure out what he was seeing on the field. I believe that is why Nick Foles is not here. I still believe he is beyond a good quarterback, given time.

Chip Kelly does not work like that. You have Sam Bradford who gets the ball out, period. We get to see what happens. I believe it will all be on the receivers. It will be a question of how well they catch the ball, in every situation. I cannot forget Riley Cooper. He is 6’4”. You cannot teach height even with a controversial character. However, if a new core defines itself, without Cooper, he will no longer be the Philadelphia Eagle’s worry.

The defense looks to bond. Man, but if they bond, and come together? The offensive line needs to find their united skill and attitude. Special teams can continue consistency. I hope it is a positive consistency contaminates the whole team like a retrovirus. That will be the Philadelphia Eagles’ season. It seems like it will be fun.

I just wish it could play out, without controversy, and simply on its own merit. This teams looks to be really good.