by W1totalk
by W1totalk

A while back, I had written some stories about a being known in mythology to have been an artisan, smith, miner, and warrior, only, in most text. Though many tales exist about the Dwarf, for me, it was important to put a different spin on the character. You can always place the Dwarf in a dark time, or fantastic place to coexist in a purposeful adventure. In my case, I wish to use this character, as the main character, to set an example of the eternal order that must exist between good and evil, under different circumstances.

You could always put a Dwarf, the stager, on a quest, and in a battle with a vile dragon for his lost gold. It is possible to put, a rogue Dwarf against his own family lineage as he clashes to create his own dominant line. Dwarf Complete looks to set a different standard.

Dwarf Complete is in an alternate universe, starting in 2010. It follows his character, over a three-year period. Thirty-year-old Lawrence Dodgea gangland version of Robin Hood battles a corrupted, ever-changing existence.

His top place, as leader of a special gang, and lust for violence, gets him a special audience with the newest weapon from a special, new, law enforcement group, the Cavaliers. Lawrence’s first encounter with the diabolical machine snatches, and changes, his life, literally. He becomes the weapon, a realized legend, a Dwarf that fights evil, and can only battle this evil to an epic and monstrous conclusion


The question, in all of this, is can you accept the ending? The character Lawrence follows a path he should and enters situations that make his life beyond torturous. In the end, he makes a choice, and follows it to a major finale, but is it fair?
You can order Dwarf Complete, now for just 2.50, unless you have Kindle unlimited or use the other incentives,  at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010THPA1M/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_YkkMvb1SCC8.  I cannot forget to acknowledge one of my inspirations, at Dark Chapter Press, at http://www.darkchapterpress.com/, for more great written content. Thank you, ahead of time, for your contributions.

by Ballakallab at Wikimedia Commons
by Ballakallab at Wikimedia Commons

An Unexpected Writing Opportunity

KFAC working cover

I have to admit something. There are times that I have written short stories.  A while back I had written a story for a major horror press, Dark Chapter Press. I had my work accepted. With that not only comes an opportunity to show my piece, in a strong anthology, Kill For A Copy, but the opportunity for the work to be produced at an even higher level.

This is where you might be able to help. The work exists as a Kickstarter opportunity. You want to have some fun being scared? You like reading? You like introductions written by a great writer? Help and contribute. The idea is to add to a project and help to make this anthology one of the strongest in history. You can be part of it. Visit the Kickstarter page, at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1319364316/kill-for-a-copy-a-dark-chapter-press-horror-anthol, and find a dark corner ahead of time. 

Turn up your senses. Quiver. Shake. Know how good it feels to be scared in the summer; winter, and even in the fall. In reality, it is an opportunity to enjoy works written by some of the most effective manufacturers of fear. Contribute to become a not only the owner of one of the hottest anthologies on the market, but pledge just enough, and become part of the horror. You can become a character in future short stories, in upcoming anthologies, written by Jack Rollins, Stuart Keane, and even M.R. Wallace. This is real. 

Come on. Contribute and be part of the horror history, presented by Dark Chapter Press. I had definitely my contribution and I am sure you might crap your pants. Thank you for your time, and the opportunity.