What’s Next?

by Evan-Amos, as part of Wikipedia
by Evan-Amos, as part of Wikipedia


Virtual Rapture


Activision wanted to collaborate with Nintendo, on Skylanders, see it at http://www.gamespot.com/articles/report-nintendo-said-no-thanks-to-partnership-with-activision-for-skylanders-a-franchise-now-worth-2-billion/1100-6419051/.

You also have Respawn Entertainment who offered the Titanfall franchise to Sony, who pooh-poohed it, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnEHqisG7c4. In the end, these are missed opportunities.

I believe, in some sense, Nintendo’s Virtual Console has a series of classic titles that reflect what video games had been. I also believe it could be a possible missed opportunity.

Nintendo reissued these classic, Nintendo games, on November 19, 2006, on the Wii. The service continues on Nintendo’s new platforms, the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I believe these examples of classic game play are great for the WIi U, and 3DS.

I also believe these classics need to be updated, used as a tool to re- establish old bonds and could act as a means to re-start older franchises sooner and generate new ideas in games in current game development.

Here are five titles on the current Wii U Virtual Console service that could use a fresh coat of paint, in my opinion.

  1. Excitebike – This title last appeared, updated, on the WiiWare service, on Nintendo Wii, in the form of Excitebike: World Rally. It is a solid title. However, Nintendo has a high definition console, with plenty of hard drive options and, a yet to be truly tapped, online service. Nintendo could add a simple series of customizable outdoor courses, and great bike customization to Nintendo Wii U. The online could inspire players to alter specific characters and their bikes. If Nintendo could create a high definition, solid, and highly personalized Excitebike, the Virtual Console could inspire other game developers to fill Wii U with new classics.
  2. Ghost and Goblins – This is a fun game. It is a hard game, but fun. This is a game I would like to see become a two player game. It could become a two-player nemesis title. This means players would not cooperate to finish the game, but answer a simple question at the start of the game. This question would help determine what roles each player takes. Players would oppose each other. The first player could be Sir Arthur but the second player could be responsible for two things. They could establish the obstacles that prevent Arthur from getting Princess Prin Prin. They could also play the boss characters in the game. In this sense, the second player can have access to all the abilities of the boss characters and, if one second player drops out, and someone else comes in, either online or off, the game can always be continuous and the game play can be varied.
  3. Urban Champion – There is something about this title. It screams simple attacks, and strategy, with high definition. It could be an opportunity for Nintendo to create dynamic environments within a set portion of the pavement. It could also scream dynamic use of environment on that pavement for use by not only the players on screen, but for non-playable characters as well. If you add online battles, and content, this could become a must buy title for the Nintendo Wii U.
  4. Double Dragon – Double Dragon in high definition, with a two-player option, and on Nintendo Wii U is a necessity. I know this is all I have ever wanted. The quest needs two players and not just one. This would be good, by itself, but to make it more magnanimous, add a new two-player mode. Two players go after Marion but have the city turn on the two players, Jimmy and Billy Lee, after they save Marion. A timed mode where players try to escape the city, and must quickly fight through a city of raucous, non-playable characters could be a serious challenge. Add two other players to this violent city, to take on the Lee Brothers and organize the enemy’s ranks, and this game could add an unexpected new flavor to the classic Double Dragon.
  5. Galga – Galga was a classic. It has many reincarnations. It could use a high definition upgrade. This could mean additional features, like shields to a player’s craft. This game could add a second player that organizes and sends out the enemy’s craft against the first player. The second player could also direct the bosses in the game. This new Galga, on or offline, for its two-player combat, would be a more diverse game.

I know you are not supposed to mess with the classics. This is only my personal opinion. I believe Wii U could benefit from a Virtual Console that generated a wellspring of new content.

You must also understand, outside of video games, I believe A Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray could benefit from a Spanish interpretation voice track of the Bane character, by Tom Hardy. I just believe improved content, after its original life, comes from past influences.






by Photographer Robert Knapp www.modernartphotograph.com
by Photographer Robert Knapp, at Wikipedia , www.modernartphotograph.com


No Wawa Regret

He practiced that spell. It was a man with a large purple cone, for a hat, pointy purple shoes, green, skinny, jeans, and a purple shirt, with a translucent dragon on it. He was upset because he wanted a free cup of coffee.

He was in a long line. He simply purchased his 64 ounces of coffee, at Wawa, a local convenience store. He came a day too late for Wawa’s special anniversary. On the anniversary, all customers were allowed one free cup of joe.

A day late and a dollar short, he decided to make the best of it. He loaded his cup with delicious cream and sugar, and a spot of hazelnut creamer. It was at that moment he felt the vibrations. It could have been a dragon. It was a golem.

A fellow conjurer thought it would be funny to summon a 30-foot creature, made of stone and clay, to excite everyone’s morning. This absent-minded wizard called the golem, but forgot a resident hero made it a point to arrive, immediately, at the scene of every attack.

He wore red and yellow tights. He was large. He could fly. He was speedy. He just needed to avoid a wizard with a purple dragon shirt. This hero, right behind the wizard, with a purple dragon shirt, dashed past him and spilled his 64 ounces of coffee.

The hero smashed the golem. He erased the words that gave the creature life. He could not avoid a purple wizard, now red and burned, who has only one purpose. He planned to kill the red and yellow hero.

It just took a spell, a little bit of Pyrokenesis. He practiced it, but was never sure it would work. He found new inspiration. He burned the hero. He transferred the heat, pain, and embarrassment onto a hero who was not immune to magic.

The hero went for an interview, and praise. He stopped in front of the news camera. A swirl of coffee, heat, and angst hit him. He peeled in front of the news camera.

Thank you for the free coffee Wawa and Happy Anniversary.

The Dallas Cowboys Championship Banners by
Mahanga at Wikipedia


DeSean Jackson an NFC East Rival?

It’s scary. It’s real. It’s not overwhelming yet. DeSean Jackson plans to visit the Washington. If he does my gut tells me he will not leave Washington. In fact, I’d gather he will get the money the Philadelphia Eagles denied him.

So what now? Do you pee your pants with fear? Do you forget the expectation of a Super Bowl with Chip Kelly? You can only watch and wait.

There is a real threat with DeSean Jackson going to either Washington, the New York Giants or the Dallas Cowboys but is Chip Kelly’s rage better? DeSean Jacskon was let go in favor of a system that plans to use it’s players as unit toward one common way, see the Bob Brookover article, Kelly Exerts Clout with the Release of Jackson at Philly.com.

If you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan, can you accept this? Here are some destinations for Desean Jackson in an article by Keenan Actkins, 2014 Free Agency: Top 5 destinations for DeSean Jackson, at Sports Out West.

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